2012 Brags!

Chip- Eromit London Chipington- owned by Doug Cameron in Coldstream
-voted cutest pet in the Vernon area!

Sable- Eromit’s Sable Sunset SJ SR-T-  owned by Sherri Fleck in Whistler
– earned Senior Jumper Title in Big Air and Turbo title in Speed Retrieve
– ranked #34 in the world for  Dock Dogs Speed Retrieve!
– competed at the World Championships in Dubuque, Iowa!

Lyric- SR Eromit’s Take Note WC JH -owned by Jen Richards of Saskatoon
-earned her first two legs toward her CD obedience title in November!

Koya – Eromit’s Short Track Sequoia-  owned by the McCarthy’s in Toronto
-earned her first ever agility Q in her first trial in November!

Twig – Bit of Shine Engl AGDC -earned the last Advanced Jumpers Q needed for her AGDC title
at the Top Dog trial in November.

Victor- Eromit’s Quick on the Draw RN-CL – earned his first two novice rally q’s at the Pawsitive
Steps trial in October.
-earned the final leg for his Rally Novice title on December 2nd- just under 9 months of age!

Spirit – Eromit’s Rescue Ranger- owned by Natasha Provost in Campbell River, BC
– officially earned her ‘Search Dog in Training’ status by passing the fall evaluation!

Ace- Calumet’s Red Baron of Mjolnir JH- earned his first agility Q in starters jumpers at his
first-ever agility trial in July!

Chester – Eromit’s Tennessee Trickshot SGDC RN-CL – earned the last leg he need for his
Starters Games Dog of Canada title!
– earned his first advanced Snooker Q at the Clear Sailing Trial in July!
-earned his first 2 novice rally q’s at the Pawsitive Steps trial in October.
– earned his last rally leg and Rally Novice title, as well as a novice team Q, in December

Ruger- Eromit’s Cops Got My Gun
– earned 2 Master Steeplechase Q’s, his last advanced Gambler’s Q and a starters jumpers Q in
-earned 2 Master Gamble q’s and an advanced snooker Q at the Top Dog trial in November.

Verona- Eromit Bust A Move- earned her 2nd starters Jumpers Q to move up to advanced.

Wrigley- Eromit’s Field of Dreams- owned by the Draheims in Washington DC
-made her dock diving debut which included first and second placements, 2 legs on her junior
title and a leg towards her senior title!

Carly- Eromit’s California Dreaming NAJ, CL1-R, CL1-H, CGC (owned by Karen in California)
-passed her Canine Good Citizen test in May!
-made her agility debut this fall earning Q’s in both her CPE and AKC first trials, as well as
– earned her CL1-R, CL1-H in CPE Agiltiy and her Novice Jumpers title in AKC, as well as 2 legs
towards her Novice Standard title.

Shadow – Eromit Casper’s Shadow JH WC (owned by Dan & Lorraine in Maple Ridge, BC)
– earned a CM in the Qualifying stake at the Deroche field trial in May!

Yoshi – Eromit’s Tatsuyoshi TFE  FDX (owned by Judy Bassett in Garden Grove, CA)
– clocked his first ‘speed retrieve’ with a time of 7.689 seconds, which puts him in the “Turbo”
– earned the points for his level II and level III flyball titles in early April!
– earned the points for his FD and FDX titles in NAFA!!
-earned the points for his Top Flight Executive title in October!

Ember- Eromit’s Red Hot JH WC ADC SGDC (owned by Holly Drabyk from North Gower, ON)
– earned her first Starters Snooker Q at her first ever agility trial in March!
-earned 4 Q’s at her 2nd trial (2 Standard, 1 Gamblers, 1 Snooker)!
-earned her 2nd Gamble Q at her 3rd trial!
-earned the last leg needed for her Agility Dog of Canada title in early April!
-earned Advanced Snooker and Advanced Gamble Q’s at Spot On in May!
-Ember is on a roll and getting too many Q’s to count: follow her progress
– last starters jumpers q earned in September to finish her SGDC title!

Shelby -Eromit’s Lockfive Need For Speed RN-CL
– earned her first 2 novice Rally obedience legs at the Pawsitive Steps trial in January.
– earned the last leg for her Rally Novice title in April with average scores of 189.

ember 2012

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