Reference Dogs

Here are the wonderful dogs who have made direct contributions to our breeding program by whelping or siring an Eromit litter.

Males and Females belonging to other kennels:

FC FTCH AFTCH Taylorslab Magic Trick MH CD

2xNMH GMH OTCH Prairiestorm Hawk MH WCX

Merganser’s Ferris Bueller MH WC

Eromit’s Casper’s Shadow JH WC QFTR

Prairiestorm Rock N Roll Rebel

SHR Gras-land’s Sweet Brandy JH WC

Brown’s Chocolate Pride

GMH Prairiestorm Top Gun CD WCX

Retired from our breeding program:

Calumet’s Red Baron of Mjolnir JH

Eromit’s Quick on the Draw CRNCL ADC

Magic’s Manna Engl

Eromit’s Desert Eagle

Eromit’s Olympic Fever JH WC

Eromit’s Xtrema Retrieva SGDC

Eromit’s Prairiestorm Garbi

Eromit’s Black Widow NTD

Eromit’s All That Glitters SGDC OD-SP CRN-MCL – 2015 BC Xtreme Air High Jump Semi-Pro Champ

Eromit’s Full Metal Jacket CGN CW-SD CW-SI OD-SP DS – 2016 BC Xtreme Retrieve Semi-Pro Champ

Faster Gun Black Jet CW-SP

Eromit’s Twist of Hot Spice

Eromit’s Too Hot to Handle

Eromit’s Ice Ice Baby

Gone but Not Forgotten:

Spider’s Sunshine AADC AGDC MSDC MSCDC NAC NJC NGC “Nestle”


Bit of Shine Engl AGDC – “Twig”

twig -clean

Eromit’s Cops Got My Gun JH CRNCL AADC MSCDC MGDC MSDC MJDC EXG-Bronze – “Ruger”

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