Training Services

Training lessons and coaching are offered by Erin Lynes KPA CPT. Depending on your interest, there is something for everyone: ranging from our famous Puppy Headstart training, to sport specific seminars, pet dog behavior training, and the more recent addition of our Dock Diving lessons! More information on each is available below.

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Dock Diving is the super popular sport where dogs who love to swim and fetch are in their glory. Using positive reinforcement and a gradual teaching process, dogs are taught to run down a 40 foot dock to jump off the end into our 21 x 41 foot pool. We are currently hosting lessons and practices, open to all healthy dogs over 6 months of age of any breed, and  host sanctioned North America Diving Dogs competitions during the summer months. Swimming lessons are also available to puppies or new swimmers. Please check out Lessons page for more info, scheduling and prices.  For those who want to train during the off season, or who do not live close enough to access our in person instruction, we also offer an online foundation and dryland course!

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Dog Sport Lessons & Seminars occur regularly with different focuses, taught by Erin & Tim or by other especially talented instructors from outside the local area. Agility, Obedience, Retriever Training, Shed Antler Hunting, Dog-Powered Sports, Fitness & Conditioning are all areas that we cover in group or private lessons formats.

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Puppy Headstart Training is offered to purchasers of Eromit puppies. Puppies who are enrolled stay with us for a minimum of 2 months of training before they join their new family. This is ideal for puppy buyers who want to give their puppy a solid foundation or who may not have a schedule amenable to training a tiny puppy.  Headstart puppies are raised as one of our own so they are well socialized, learn house training and basic manners/obedience skills as well as introductions to specific training such as retrieving, agility or nosework foundations as desired by their owner. More information about this program is available HERE.

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