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Our home is located on 40 acres near Quesnel, British Columbia and is officially known as “Eromit Acres”. We raise only quality purebred Labradors from top field trial, hunt test and performance lines. Our breeding focus is for temperament, health, athleticism and natural hunting ability. Selectively bred black, yellow and chocolate puppies are born in our home, receiving 24/7 care and attention. Each puppy undergoes our super-socialization program before leaving for their new families at 8 weeks of age. While many go on to hunting or pet homes, we specialize in Labs for working and competitive purposes. Our stud dogs are all titled competitors as well as proven hunting dogs and our females either compete, hunt or ‘work’ at a trained task- we do not have ‘brood stock’ or dogs kept only for breeding. ALL of our dogs are valued pets and members of the family and have been selected to contribute to our breeding program for a specific reason.

jet pups m202 3 colors

Eromit puppies have excelled in all venues including hunt tests, field trials, agility, obedience, flyball, herding, dog sledding, tracking, nosework, barn hunt, search and rescue, dock diving, therapy work, and some even ‘acted’ in a movie!

Our Labs are Canadian Kennel Club registered and are sold with a 30 month health warranty, puppy starter kit, and lifelong breeder support. All dogs involved in our breeding program  are OFA hip and elbow certified, CERF/CAER cleared and are tested for EIC, CNM, prcd-PRA and RD/OSD as well as for a number of other genetic conditions. We occasionally have older trained dogs for sale. Puppies from our breeding program reside with proud owners across North America.

About Us:

The Eromit dogs are owned by Erin and Tim Lynes. Erin has been training and competing with dog for many years starting in 1990. Her first 10 years of dog sports were  as a competitive dog sled musher (1998 Canadian 6 Dog Oval Sled Dog Champion & 1998 Canadian 4 Dog Champion as well as many regional victories).  Her first litter of Labrador Retrievers was born in 1997. She has trained dogs for a movie “Without Malice” (2000), for obedience,  agility, rally-obedience, tracking, hunting (waterfowl, upland & sheds), skijorring, hunt tests, canine fitness and dock diving. Erin is a Karen Pryor Academy Certified Training Partner, a Licensed Family Dog Mediator (Working Division), a certified Cani-Fit canicross instructor, as well as a member of the International Association of Animal Behavior Consultants. She is also certified in Canine Reproduction and Canine Nutrition.  She is a North America Diving Dogs judge as well as a CWAGS Scent Judge. She has worked in a veterinary clinic as an assistant, and spent 6 years working at the Saskatoon SPCA in roles ranging from administration to kennel and health attendant. Erin has been a volunteer foster home for several rescue agencies which involved caring for dogs of all breeds as well as creatures such as mice, cats, and rabbits. Currently, Erin is busy with her litters of Lab puppies, her dock diving pool  and with in person and online dog training students from her own business (Eromit AIRcademy), the Fenzi Dog Sports Academy,  and her local dog club: Fit Pets Quesnel.

Tim is an avid hunter and enjoys training dogs for practical hunting purposes and is exceptional at puppy foundation training,  all while somehow holding down a ‘real’ job.  Both Erin and Tim have trained and handled multiple national dock diving champions and set records in Xtreme Air Dogs competition. Their current dock diving students (in person and online) can be found on the top of multiple NADD breed and division rankings! Erin is a member in good standing of the Canadian Kennel Club,  the Agility Association of Canada, Top Dog Agility Club, and Fit Pets Quesnel.

Harvey- Rally obedience

Eromit proudly supports local dog rescue groups, Search and Rescue volunteers throughout Canada, and Ducks Unlimited conservation efforts. Eromit is pronounced “AIR -o- mitt” and is a combination of Erin & Tim’s names. Their kennel was renamed and reserved with the CKC in 2008 and existed for 12 years prior as English Kennels.

A Tour of Eromit Acres

We have been at our current location since 2011 and are continually making tweaks and improvements to the property to better suit us and the dogs. Please enjoy these photos and watch for updates as our projects unfold.

Our puppies are born in our home. We have two designated whelping rooms for privacy of new moms with puppies. Each has a whelping box with a heated nest so that puppies can get warmed as needed. These puppy rooms allow us to sleep right next to the newborn litter, monitoring them closely, and also allows them to hear the daily activities of a normal household once their ears open. When they get a little older and no longer require the heat source of the nest, it becomes a tiny introductory litter box!

As the puppies get a little older, they need more room. So, they are moved to our custom ‘puppy barn’ which is an indoor/outdoor run where they are able to go outside to potty, and have a play, eating and sleeping area in a climate controlled indoor setting. This is a cozy place to hang out between socialization, handling and training sessions. Our puppies are lucky to have many specific skill-building toys and also receive field trips to many different location on our property where they receive novel experiences like meeting our cat Gollum- an expert puppy tamer! Outside time is key so puppies are gradually acclimated in order to enjoy play time in all weather. We believe that sunshine and fresh air are key to a happy healthy lab!

Our property boasts a custom built pond perfect for puppies learning to swim, retriever training and cool swims on a hot day.

New in 2015 we added a competition size pool for dock diving training, lessons, and competitions-  we have hosted the 2016 Xtreme Air BC Championships and the 2017 Xtreme Air Canadian Championships and currently host 4 North America Diving Dogs sanctioned trials each summer!

Our dogs are lucky to have a regulation size agility field with equipment for daily practicing. Occasionally we host lessons and seminars here.

agility field

We also have a large 10 acre field where the dogs run, play and train for field work. Additionally, 20 acres of bush and trails provides areas for running, dog sledding, and early upland flusher training.

eromit trails

Most people who inquire about our puppies want to see our ‘facilities’. I think that people expect to see a large boarding kennel type situation with rows of concrete dog runs. This is NOT how we work. Our dogs are family dogs first. Most of our dogs sleep on our bed or on the sofa (once they have aged out of sleeping in a crate). We have large, outdoor runs where the dogs spend the day in groups or by themselves, as they prefer (or dictated by heat cycles). Each run has gravel footing where the dogs stay clean and dry and can do normal dog things-  like run, wrestle, or dig- without injury. They have a deck for sunning and insulated straw-filled shelter for sleepy time naps. Dog safe toys are rotated so that there is always something fun to play with!  Shade is provided by mature trees. Our property has been described as ‘doggy disneyland’ and we work hard to maintain a clean and homey atmosphere for our furry friends! dogs on bed

Our website is updated regularly with accomplishments of our personal dogs and previous litters,  and with upcoming litter plans. Since most puppies are spoken to prior to birth or soon after, we suggest making your inquiry well in advance of when you’d like to take your puppy home. “Like” us on facebook for daily photos of our dogs and puppies as they grow or watch our Instagram page for training and behind the scenes details! 

9 Comments on “About Us

  1. Hi, we live in Houston BC, we are interested in getting a male black lab. Our last lab we had to put him down because of cancer when he was 10. We were undecided about getting another, because we feel so bad when they go. We are retired and have a big fenced yard. My husband still does a bit of bird hunting, but also we want a family dog. If you have any pups available and the price of them, let us know. Thanks Al and Susan Lewis

    • Hi Al & Susan, please see our puppy page for upcoming litter plans. From there you can submit an application to purchase or send me an email at erin @ kinderdoggin.com with any questions. ~Erin

  2. I’m not finding an address anywhere. I would love to come watch your event, but no where does it say where you’re at other than Quesnel.

    • Hi Nancy, I’m sorry you had trouble finding our address – it is on our ‘contact us’ page. We are located at 4131 Schemenaur Road, which is just off of the Barkerville highway.

    • Hi there, no, we won’t have any puppies born until September, which will be ready to go in November- but currently the reservation list is all full.

  3. Hi Erin!
    I am Elizabeth Boulton, retired horse doctor😁.
    I live in Revelstoke. I just joined RevSAR with the goal of training a puppy for wilderness SAR.
    Jamie McCaffrey reached out to you on my behalf.
    She is my mentor😁 She recommended a puppy from your potential Fergie ( Buzz) litter. What is the process to reserve a puppy from this litter?She just emailed and told me to contact you!
    I look forward to hearing from you! I hope you have a lovely evening and dodged the latest catastrophic weather event!

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