2011 Litters

Eromit puppies born in 2011….

Born Jan 17, 2011 – The “Rocks” Litter

Magic’s Manna Engl x Eromit’s Cops Got My Gun JH CRNCL AADC MSDC MJDC MGDC MSDC EXG-Bronze

Eromit’s Princess Kada- Kada

Eromit’s Like a Rock- Toby

Eromit’s The Darkness – Reggie – passed away May 21, 2023

Eromit’s Buckshot Birddog – Cooper

Born Jan 25 2011 – The “Red” Litter

Eromit’s Xtrema Retreva x Calumet’s Red Baron of Mjolnir JH

Eromit’s Worldwide Freeride ADC SGDC CRNT CRA-MCL CRNB

Eromit’s Digger aviSAR wilderness SAR – Digger

Eromit’s Miss Fire OD-SP – Missie

Eromit’s Rusty Bucket- Rusty

Eromit’s Chocolate Chip Cookie- Cookie

Eromit’s RyderLikeUStoleIt – Ryder

Eromit Emiko Montego- Miko

Eromit’s Oldgrowth Sitkaspruce- Sitka

Eromit’s Sunny Days – Copper

Born April 29, 2011 – The “Golden Girls” Litter

Eromit’s Kimber Surprise WC SGDC ATD x Calumet’s Red Baron of Mjolnir JH

AGCH MACH11 PACH Eromit’s California Dreaming WC CGC MXB4 PDS MJC4 PJS MXP5 MXPS MJP6 MJPS PAX MFC TQX T2B5 TKI CL-2 – Carly (Carly was the first lab to ever earn the Agility Grand Champion title!)

Eromit’s Rosarita Sunrise- Rosie (passed away September 2021, injury/arthritis)

Eromit’s Golden Princess- Bailey

Charlie Angel of Eromit- Charlie

Born May 3, 2011- The “That 70’s Show” Litter

Bit of Shine Engl AGDC x Eromit’s Tennessee Trickshot CGN SGDC CRNCL OD-P

Eromit’s Full Metal Jacket CGN CW-SD CW-SI OD-SP 2016 BC Xtreme Semi-Pro Retrieve Champ – Jackie (passed away May 4, 2023-  lymphoma)

MDCH-S FME Eromit’s Field of Dreams – Wrigley

Eromit’s Pine for Cedar – Cedar (passed away 2019, osteosarcoma)

Eromit’s Sweet Maggie McGee – Maggie

Eromit’s Neko Sparkelicious- Neko (passed away June 2022)

Duke of Eromit – Duke

Eromit’s Twig and Allen’s Remi – Remi

Eromit Dad’s Chocolate Fudge- Fudge

Born October 27 – The “Halloween Treats” Litter

Eromit’s Xtrema Retrieva SGDC x Eromit’s Tennessee Trickshot SGDC CRNCL CGN OD-P

FM Eromit’s Sharp Shootin’ North Star – Annie Oakley

Eromit’s Noodles Delight – Noodles

Eromit’s Benelli – Benelli

Eromit’s Jake – Sprocket (passed away 2020, lymphoma)

Eromit’s Bo – Bo

Eromit’s Shazah- Shazah (passed away in 2015- accident)

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