2015 Litters

Born February 8th- The “BoxTroll” Litter

2xHIT Eromit’s LockFive Need For Speed CD RN WC CRNCL SGDC OD-XP x Eromit’s Cops Got My Gun JH CRNCL AADC MGDC MSDC MJDC MSCDC EXG-Bronze

Eromit’s Hot Wheels DE CWC-T CWC-L CWC-PG CWC-TD ADC SGDC CWC National Dock Diving Champion  – Turbo (passed away Jan 9, 2023 – cancer)

Eromit’s In the Know CGN  CD AGI NP AGNJ – Savvy

Eromit’s Bat Out Of Hell NTD MX AXJ NF – Tark

Eromit’s Tabor aviSAR – Tabor

Eromit’s Sophie- Sophie (passed away 2022- stomach puncture/foreign object)

Eromit’s Mags On Point- Maggie

Eromit’s Sargeant Murphy – Murphy

Eromit’s Strong Man of the Sun – Samson

Eromit’s Power Line Pup- Walter

Born Feb 21, 2015- the “Glitter” Litter

Eromit’s All That Glitters CRN-MCL SGDC OD-SP x Prairiestorm Rock N Roll Rebel

Eromit’s Too Hot To Handle OD-A OD-SP 2016 BC Xtreme Air Amateur Champ – Blaze

Eromit’s Midknight Joule MX MXJ XF  – Joule

Eromit’s This Magic Moment ADC SGDC — Mystical

Eromit’s Glitzy’s Gold Rush NWI NWC – Nugget

Eromit’s You Owe Me A Soda RN- Jinx

Eromit’s Dashwood – Pippin

Eromit’s Huggable Huxley- Huxley

Born Oct 18, 2015- The “Election” Litter

Eromit’s All That Glitters CRN-MCL SGDC OD-SP x Eromit’s Cops Got My Gun JH CRNCL AADC MGDC MJDC MSDC MSCDC EXG-Bronze

Eromit’s Vino Ages Nicely GD-A OD-P 2016 Canadian Xtreme Air Amateur Champion

Eromit’s Eddyline RA NA NAP NF

Eromit’s Fast and Furious – Bella

Eromit’s India Express – Indie

Eromit’s I’m Your Huckleberry CGN – Calibre

Eromits Mustang Rockett – Rockett

Eromit’s Cariboo Blaster- Nitro

Eromit’s Dashing Through the Snow- Dash

Born October 31, 2015- The “Addams Family” Litter

Eromit’s Black Widow NTD x Eromit’s Tennessee Trickshot CGN CRNCL SGDC OD-P

Eromit’s Black Magic PCD – therapy dog  – Magic (passed away Feb 28, 2023- cancer)

Eromit’s Kindred Joy OA OAJ DM TKA CGCA – Kinsey

Eromit’s Northern Light DM CL1-H CL1-S CL1-F CL1-R CL2-H – Ella

Eromit’s Quintessential Spectre- Quinn

Eromit’s Timbermark Trickshot- Timber

Sir Charles Budrick Eromit- Charlie

Eromit’s Nero Cacciatore – Hunter

Born Dec 4, 2015 – The “Jets” Litter

Fastergun’s Black Jet CW-SP x Eromit ChocolateCoveredPickle OD-P

FDCH Eromit’s High Flyin Little Lady – Lassie

Eromit’s I’ll Fly Away DJ DM DMA DS NA NAJ – Aero

Eromit’s Detective Bosch – Bosch

Eromit’s Siena Speedway ADC – Siena

Eromit’s REO Speedwaggin’ – Reo

Eromit’s Bundaberg Gunsmoke – Bundy

Eromit’s Lucy the Valiant – Lucy

Eromit’s King of Pride Rock – Simba

Born December 21, 2015 – The “Charlie Brown” Litter

Eromit Bust A Move ADC MGDC MJDC MSDC EXG-Bronze OD-P x Eromit ChocolateCovered Pickle OD-P

Eromit’s Aspen Dixie CD WCI JH – Dixie

Eromit’s Super Trooper avi-SAR – Trooper

Eromit’s Girls Run The World – Sassy

Eromit’s Sweet Travellin’ Riesen- Riesen

Eromit’s Ice Ice Baby – Vanilla

Eromit’s Cooey Ranger Ranger

Eromit’s Thunder Bolt – Zeus

Eromit’s Soaring Drake- Drake

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