2009 Litters

A snap shot of our litters born in 2009

Born January 22, 2009:

Bit of Shine Engl AGDC x 2xNMH GMH OTCH Prairiestorm Hawk

Eromit’s Xtrema Retrieva SGDC  -Beretta (passed away Oct 3, 2022)

Eromit’s Kimber Surprise  DS WC SGDC ATD – Kimber

Eromit’s Sable Sunset  DS MJN SR-TN ID-WN EV-CN  2013 Canadian Iron Dog Warrior Champ, 2017 Canadian Amateur High Jump Champ (passed away, 2022, osteosarcoma)

Eromit’s Midnight Madness WC JH – Maddie (passed away 2020)

Eromit Prairiestorm Bit of Sol WC JH – Soleil (passed away 2020)

Eromit Sunflower- Paisley – (passed away 2017, hemangiosarcoma)

Eromit’s King of Thunder- Thor (passed away 2017, osteosarcoma)

Eromit Timber Clair – Timber (passed away, 2018, suspected cancer)

Born May 23, 2009- The “Two Letter” Litter

Magic’s Manna Engl  x 2xNMH GMH OTCH Prairiestorm Hawk

OTCH MHR Eromit’s Take Note SH WCX CDX RA – Lyric (passed away Feb 23, 2021- hemangiosarcoma)

Eromit Ciao Bella – Bella

Eromit’s Molly Margaret- Molly

Eromit’s Magic Shadow- Shadow

Eromit Zoe Maya – Maya (passed away 2019- hemangiosarcoma)

Eromit’s Gin and Tonic – Ginny

Eromit Onyx’s Miley – Miley (passed away 2011 – tragic accident)

Eromit Jake Vass – Jake

Eromit’s Double Edged Sword -Sabre (passed away 2021- cancer)

Eromit PT Morgan – Morgan

Born August 16, 2009- The “Throwback” Litter

Brown’s Chocolate Pride x Eromit’s Cops Got My Gun JH CRNCL AADC MSDC MGDC MJDC MSCDC EXG-bronze

Eromit Bust A Move DS DM ADC MGDC MJDC MSDC – Verona

Cleo Angharad Eromit – Cleo

Eromit’s Black Glacier Boy – Decker (passed away Feb 11, 2023)

Eromit Sharpshooter – Sako (passed away 2020- lymphoma)

Eromit’s Oskarma Gettin’ – Oscar (passed away 2020 – lymphoma)

Eromit’s Angus – Angus

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