Performance Dogs

The Labrador Retriever is a popular and diverse breed. We specialize in athletic, high drive Labs with the ability to perform at a high level as working or competition dogs, and  we are the proud breeders of some of the most outstanding performance dogs in many venues.  Breeding elite competitors and working dogs requires advanced knowledge of canine genetics and inheritance, pedigrees, structure and temperament traits, intense evaluation and selection of breeding dogs, as well as a specialized puppy raising process,  andcarefully matching puppies to the correct home and ‘job’. And then once the puppy gets to it’s new home – the real work begins and the puppy owner works their magic!

Please meet the exceptional performance dogs that are the result of this process.

Agility Dogs

Dock Diving Dogs

Flyball Dogs

Hunting, Hunt Test & Field Trial Dogs

Nosework & Detection Dogs

Obedience, Rally Dogs & Good Citizen Dogs

Search and Rescue Dogs

Therapy Dogs

Trick Dogs



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