2017 Litters

Born January 26, 2017 – “The Office” Litter

Eromit’s Street Legal CW-SP OD-SP OD-P x Six Mile’s Canadian Twist PCD RN

Chula Bula II of Eromit – Chula

Eromit’s Jumping Bean – Bean

Eromit’s Gone in Sixty Seconds- Memphis

Eromit’s Making Waves- Finn

Eromit’s Makamae Kona- Kona

Eromit’s Lachlan of Emerald Lake – Lachlan

Eromit’s Handsome Devil- Sloan

Eromit’s Night Rider – Kona

Eromit’s Finest Lady Sasha – Sasha


Born January 30th, 2017- The “Famous Jackies” Litter

Eromit’s Full Metal Jacket CGN CW-SD CW-SI OD-SP x GMH Prairiestorm Top Gun CD WCX MH

Eromit’s Full Circle to Dalry- Circa

Eromit’s Tiger Lily – Lily

Eromit’s Moonlit Gem of Lake Huron – Shynie

Eromit’s Willow- Willow

Eromit’s Sadie – Sadie

Born February 18th, 2017 – The “Pickles” Litter

Fastergun’s Black Jet CW-SP x Eromit ChocolateCoveredPickle OD-P

Eromit’s Never A Dill Moment – Mezzetta

Eromit’s Baci Pergina CW-SP CW-SD- Baci

Eromit’s Life in the Fast Lane – Emerson

Eromit’s Taglish Angler – Krueger

Eromit’s Touch of Kashmir- Paisley

Eromit’s Jet Black Storm – Buddie

Eromit’s Rogue- Rogue

Eromit’s Edgar- Edgar

Eromit’s Baylee- Baylee

Born March 4th, 2017 – The “Fraggles” Litter

Eromit’s All That Glitters CRMCL SGDC GD-SP x Six Mile’s Canadian Twist PCD RN

Eromit’s Ginger Spice- Ginger

Eromit Prairiestorm Brio- Brio

Eromit’s Sweet Georgia Brown – Abby

Eromit’s Island Wyatt- Wyatt

Eromit’s Fisher- Fisher

Samwise the Faithful of Eromit- Sammy

Eromit’s Energizer Buddy – Buddy

Born May 26, 2017 – The “PowerPuff Girls” Litter

Eromit’s Suspenseful Addiction CRNCL SGDC OD-SP x Six Mile’s Canadian Twist PCD RN

Eromit’s Spirits in the Song TEAM1- Juno

Eromit’s Brave Spirit – Kelsie

Eromit’s Boom Boom Pow – Fergie

Born September 27, 2017 – The “Hurricane” Litter

Eromit’s Full Metal Jacket CGN CW-SD CW-SI OD-SP x Six Mile’s Canadian Twist PCD RN

Eromit’s Kitty Cat – Kitty

Eromit’s Blue Lightning- Mia

Eromit’s Ruby Red – Ruby

Eromit’s Delta Dancer – Grace

Eromit’s Jackie’s Jones by Chance- Jonesy

Eromit’s Big Cheese- Harvey

Born December 3rd – The “Harry Potter” Litter

FasterGun’s Black Jet CW-SP x Eromit’s Cops Got My Gun JH CRNCL AADC MSDC MJDC MGDC MSCDC EXG-Bronze

Eromit’s Heaven Help Us –  Ezra

Eromit’s Up and In To Win- Chip

Eromit’s Isle of Bute – Bute

Eromit’s Fire in the Hole- Iggy

Eromit’s Renegade Shot – Wren

Eromit’s Y Double Shot – Trapp

Eromit’s First Outta The Gate- Jesse

Eromit’s Earthshattering Kaboom- Gus

Eromit’s Amo’s Got My Back – Amo

Eromit’s Abby Wright- Abby

Eromit’s Natural Born Hunter- Hunter

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