2010 Litters

The wonderful litters bred at Eromit Acres in 2010.

Born February 17th-  The “Olympians” Litter

Bit of Shine Engl AGDC x 2xNMH GMH OTCH Prairiestorm Hawk WCX

Eromit’s Short Track Sequoia AADC AGDC MSDC, 2017 22S Ontario Regional Agility Champion – Koya (passed away 2018, sudden cardiac event)

Eromit’s Olympic Fever  JH WC – Olympia

Eromit’s Desert Eagle – Maggie

Eromit’s Calla Lilly – Calla

Eromit’s Shining Light – Ellie

Eromit The Bruce-  Bruce (passed away in 2013- tragic accident)

Eromit’s Cottonwood Chance – Chance (passed away August 2021- cancer)

Eromit’s New Wingmaster- Darko

Born March 4th – The “Nintendo” Litter

Brown’s Chocolate Pride x Eromit’s Cops Got My Gun JH CRNCL AADC MGDC MJDC MSDC MSCDC EXG- Bronze

Eromit Casper’s Shadow WC JH QFTR – Shadow

FDCH Eromit’s Tatsuyoshi TFP – Yoshi (passed away 2017, osteosarcoma)

Eromit’s Wind in the Willows- Willow (passed away March 2022, cancer)

Dodds’ Sage Blackfoot of Eromit – Sage  (passed away 2017, unknown cause)

Eromit’s Coming Up Daisies – Jenny

Duke of Eromit – Duke

Eromit’s Fisherman’s Friend- Cutty (passed away April 2022)

Born May 30, 2010 (co-bred with Prairiestorm Kennels, raised at Eromit)- The “Movie Titles” Litter

SHR Gras-land’s Sweet Brandy WC JH x Merganser’s Ferris Bueller MH WC

Eromit Prairiestorm Garbi – Garbi

Eromit Prairiestorm DeuceRay- Deuce (passed away May 2021- heart failure)

Eromit Prairiestorm Elle- Elle

Eromit Prairiestorm Finnegan- Finn (passed away 2021, cancer)

Eromit Prairiestorm Griffin- Griffin

Eromit Prairiestorm Mudd- Mudd (passed away 2021)

Prairiestorm Eromit Whiskey- Whiskey

Prairiestorm Eromit Bacardi – Bacardi

Born July 14, 2010 – The “Rockstars” Litter

Magic’s Manna Engl x Eromit’s Cops Got My Gun JH CRNCL AADC MGDC MSDC MJDC MSCDC EXG-Bronze


Eromit’s Neko Case Closed AviSAR – Neko (passed away 2019, cauda equina syndrome)

Eromit’s Black Widow – Spider

Taryn’s Black Beauty of Eromit- Jessie (passed away 2022, hemangiosarcoma)

Onyx’s Agnes Dubh of Eromit – Agnes

Eromit’s Silhouette of Buddy – Tucker (passed away Feb 1, 2021- nodular panniculitis)

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