Litter Plans

We plan our litters well in advance and accept reservations from approved families for specific litters before they are born.  Please see below to see what litters we will be expecting in the next year or so.  All plans are tentative and timing is subject to heat cycles and mother nature. To see how our puppies are raised, click here. The Eromit breeding philosophy is also detailed here

Current Litters:  

Pepper x Buzz- All black litter due August 26th – click HERE for more info

Viper x Buzz – All black litter due Oct 15 – click HERE for more info

Fergie x Ruger – All black litter due October 25th

Avi x Coulee- – black and chocolate litter due late October

Future Litter Plans

Spice x Buzz – Black and Yellow litter planned for early 2020 – click HERE

Blaze x Coulee- Black, Yellow, Chocolate litter planned for early 2020 – click HERE

Mezzy x Buzz – Black and Yellow litter planned for spring 2020- click HERE

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Initial inquiries by email or online inquiry form are preferred. Please note that our puppies are not sold ‘first come first served’ but we do keep a waiting list of pre-screened inquiries so inquiring sooner than later is helpful to get the process started. 

Interested in a puppy? Find everything you need to know HERE.  Then Inquire or Reserve A Puppy

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