2022 Litters

Born January 18th, 2023- Our “Corner Gas” Litter

Eromit’s Valyrian Steel DS DM HDS x Six Mile’s Canadian Twist  PCD RN SGDC CGN ETD TD-ROM CW-SP CW-SI CW-ScR2 SSG-N CW-SR CW-ZR1 CW-OAL1 SSN BID

Finley- Eromit’s Trial Run

Strike- Eromit’s Perfect Strike

Mojave- Eromit’s Mojave Night Fury

Lenny- Eromit’s Legendary Lenny

Oscar- Eromit’s Academy Award

Addee- Eromit’s Canadian Adventure

Ohmsford- The Valyrian Sword of Eromit

Nibs- Eromit’s Nibble Me This

River- Eromit’s Black Water

Born March 2, 2022- The “Schitt’s Creek” Litter

Eromit’s Boom Boom Pow DMX AM HDM x Chunky River Moonshine Madness CW-SP DMX DE AMA HDS HDM

Tess- Eromit’s Perfect Piece

Steffi- Eromit’s Grand Slam

Twyla – Eromit’s First Twilight

Mara- Eromit’s Mara Midnightsunshine

Molly- Eromit’s Mischeivous Molly

Denali – Eromit’s Professional Grade

Thor- Eromit’s Wilderness Companion

Bronx- Eromit’s Most Valuable Player

Born October 8th – The “Imagine Dragons” Litter

Eromit’s Valyrian Steel DS DM HDM x Eromit’s Gangsta Paradise DS DM HDM AM

Jasper- Eromit’s National Treasure

Wally- Eromit’s Walnut Dragon

Maverick- Eromit’s Into the Danger Zone

Seven- Eromit’s Dragonlord of 7 Kingdoms

River- Eromit’s Somethin’ In the Water

Cricket- Eromit’s Cricket Cove

Rio- Eromit’s Dances On the Sand

Brienne- Eromit’s Coolios Blackfyre

Reed – Eromit’s ‘Cuz I Can

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