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Monthly Archives: January 2019

Pepper’s Puppies

If you’ve ever wondered about what goes into raising a litter, follow this blog and I’ll post some details here! Watch this post for daily updates during Week 1. (Click HERE to see week 2 updates, or HERE for week…

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Dog Powered Sports- Pulling

One of the things that can be most difficult to train, especially if you are starting out on your dog powered sports adventure with a dog who has lovely leash manners, is the idea that your dog is permitted to…

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Dog Powered Sports- cue demo

For those following the lessons, maybe it would help to see a trained dog putting some of these cues to action? Below are some clips of Verona on a recent canicross run. Here she’ll demonstrate her directionals with a couple…

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Dog Powered Sports: 3

Directional Cues! A skill that is super useful for any ‘sled dog’ whether they are pulling you on a sled, bike, scooter, skis or as a canicross dogs, are directionals- learning to take turn cues on command. A dog who…

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Dog Powered Sports: Lesson 2

Continue on with “Line Out” training- we want to see the dog confidently going to the end of the line and holding tension. Here is Willy’s 3rd practice session (first one was shown in the previous lesson, I did not…

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Dog Powered Sports Lesson 1

What are dog powered sports? Canicross, Bikejoring, Skijorring, Urban Mashing, Dog Sledding- these are all dog powered sports. Sports where the dog pulls and powers the movement of the human and their ‘vehicle’. CANICROSS- cross country running with one or…

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