Eromit Labrador Retrievers

Monthly Archives: April 2020

Dog Stories: Hazel

Written by Hazel’s owner- Carly Trobridge Having grown up in a family that loved dogs, I hadn’t spent any period of time without a four-legged best friend. One of my most beloved childhood pets was our black Labrador, Odin, who…

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Dog Stories: Lily

Written by Lily’s owner- Lori Weltz In 2017, we contacted Erin to be put on a list for an Eromit puppy, thinking we would get one in spring 2018. As it turns out, there was a puppy available right away,…

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Dog Stories: Kimber

Today’s story is about our eldest granny dog, Kimber! When we moved to Quesnel in 2008, Tim and I began the process of planning how we would develop our breeding program. I had been working full time away from home,…

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Dog Stories: Yoshi

This one is a two parter! I’ll tell you a bit about baby Yoshi, and his owner Judy, wrote more about him below. Yoshi was born to Lee and Ruger in 2010- part of the “Nintendo” litter. When he was…

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