Performance-bred CKC Registered, puppies in Black, Yellow and Chocolate from health tested parent dogs. Litters are planned well in advance and reservations are recommended. We focus on QUALITY working dogs selected for specific traits.

***  EROMIT is dedicated to breeding the best Retrievers that money can buy. Our price reflects the quality of the breeding, the commitment we have to the breed in terms of time and financial investment, our continual updates of health clearances and improvement of our breeding stock, and the individual care and socialization that each puppy receives. We offer lifelong breeder support. Puppies sold to
qualified persons only- we reserve the right to refuse sale for any reason. Pricing and contract terms are non-negotiable. ***

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Temperament – Dogs must be friendly towards people and other animals, cooperative, forgiving, and biddable. They should be accepting of strangers, unusual situations, noises and smells. Dogs in our program should be easily trainable by even a first-time dog owner. Our dogs are known for having a ‘sixth sense’ with children and small pets and play very gently with them.

Health – All breeding stock are certified to be clear of testable diseases found in Labradors. This includes WCVM/OFA/OVC
certification against hip and elbow dysplasia, CERF/OFA clearance for genetic eye problems, and  tested status for prcd-PRA, RD/OSD, CNM and EIC.  Extensive pedigree research allows us to include dogs in our program who have exibited family history of longevity and general good health. We strive to produce dogs who are physically tough,  resistant to injury and unaffected by genetic disease.

Natural Hunting Ability  –  In order to excel as a working dog, Labs should have a great desire (drive) to perform their trained duties. Courageous, eager, enthusiastic, and persistent are words that describe a high drive dog. Our dogs are well known for their exceptional drive and intensity, and for their ‘off-switch’ – our Labs are able to relax when off-duty and do not constantly remain in drive. Eromit Labs are very active and energetic but NOT hyper, when trained appropriately. Hunting traits such as birdiness, soft-mouth, marking, perseverance, nose and lining are partially heritable traits and tested in our breeding dogs to produce puppies who are able to perform to  superior level in the field. These traits also lend to superior performance in work such as Search and Rescue or performance sports.

Athleticism – We select breeding stock that are able to perform quickly, with sustained endurance, and without getting injured.  A good retriever, like any  good working dog, often is subject to long days in the field and a well-bred dog can get the job done day in and day out. We aim for Labs on the smaller side of the standard who are rugged, and agile. They are sufficiently strong enough to retrieve downed geese, while being nimble and quick on their toes for upland hunting, agility or SAR. We include in this category the breed traits such as a proper coat and sound working conformation as these are essential to a long career of a tough active dog.

If these traits are what you are seeking in a Lab, CLICK HERE FOR UPCOMING LITTER PLANS.

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