Our Females

Meet our fabulous gals:



“KIMBER”  – Eromit’s Kimber Surprise ATD SGDC WC

“VERONA”   – Eromit Bust A Move AGDC MGDC MJDC

“SHELBY”   – Eromit’s LockFive Need For Speed SGDC CRNCL CD RN WC OD-XP – 2015 Canadian Xtreme Air Pro Champ 2016 Canadian Xtreme Air XPro Champ 2017 Canadian Xtreme Hi Jump Champ

GLITZY” – Eromit’s All That Glitters SGDC CRNCL 2015 BC Xtreme Vertical Semi Pro Champ


“JACKIE”   – Eromit’s Full Metal Jacket CGN CW-SD-2016 BC Xtreme Retrieve Semi Pro Champ

“JET”    – Faster Gun’s Black Jet CWSP

“AVI”   – Eromit’s Suspenseful Addiction SGDC CRNCL OD-SP

“VIPER”   – Eromit’s Street Legal CWSP  – 2015 BC Xtreme Air Semi-Pro Champ

BLAZE – Eromit’s Too Hot To Handle – 2016 BC Xtreme Air Amateur Champ -co-owned with Janine & Duane Fraser in Prince George

YOUNGSTERS– the Future of Eromit!

EPI– Eromit’s Adrenaline Rush- Co-owned with Martha and Greg Veatch in Kentucky

VANILLA – Eromit’s Ice Ice Baby

SPICE– Eromit’s Twist of Hot Spice-  co-owned with Katherine Rockwell from Prince George

PEPPER – Eromit Devil’s Tongue Red

IVY – Eromit’s Poison Ivy

Mezzetta – Eromit’s Never a Dill Moment

Fergie – Eromit’s Boom Boom Pow


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