Pepper (retired)

Eromit Devil’s Tongue Red CW-SP DJ

date of birth: March 25, 2016

Color: Black (EEBB – does not carry color)

Hips: OFA Excellent

Elbows: OFA Normal

Shoulders: OFA Normal LR-SH377F12-VPI

Patellas: OFA Normal LR-PA1364/12F/P-VPI

Eyes: OFA clear 2018 LR-EYE12613/14F-VPI

Heart: OFA ECHO clear LR-ACA412/14F-VPI

EIC, CNM, prcd-PRA, RD/OSD clear by parentage

SD2 Clear – Paw Print Genetics

10 Gen COI: 4.27%

5 Gen Pedigree HERE

Height: 20″ Weight: 45 lbs

Chili Pepper is our keeper from our final breeding of Shelby x Ruger. This has been  an exceptional performance pedigree – puppies from this breeding have already set records in agility, dock diving and barn hunt venues. You would certainly recognize some of the names of these talented siblings (Epi, Chelsea, Dormie, Tark, Brooks, and Voodoo, just to name a few!)

Pepper is a very energetic, very clever and biddable little dog. She also has a tremendous off switch and saves all of her energy for appropriate activities. She LOVES to retrieve, swim, and run. Pepper is athletic and lightly built and would be well suited as an agility or flyball dog. Currently, she trains in nosework, hunting and dock diving. Pepper helps a bit with herding our sheep too! Pepper is very birdy and hunts grouse in the fall. Pepper is also one of our chief ‘puppy grannies, since she loves all puppies and is so sweet and gentle with them at all ages.

Pepper has had two litters sired by Buzz, and two litters sired by Harvey. They have been excelling as pet dogs, competition prospects and in SAR training. One of her puppies works as a professional endangered species detection dog!

Pepper is now retired from breeding. We co-own a puppy named Mayhem from her final litter who we hope will grow up to continue the legacy of Pepper’s wonderful temperament and talents.

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