Eromit’s Gangsta Paradise DS DM HDM

Coolio’s dam is FERGIE and his sire is RUGER

Date of Birth: October 23, 2019

Color: Black -EEBb (carries chocolate)

Height: 21.75″ Weight: 56 lbs

Hips: OFA Good

Elbows: OFA Normal

Shoulders: OFA Normal

Patellas: OFA Normal

Eyes: CAER 2021

Heart: OFA ECHO Clear


Other Tests (all clear)

12 Generation COI: 5.42%

5 Generation Pedigree Click HERE

Coolio- or CoolJam as his friends call him- is the very last son of our famous stud dog Ruger. We did this breeding to keep a female puppy back for our breeding program and lined up several other puppy families who wanted a high drive, intensely intelligent dog as well. When the litter was born, there were 4 females and a male, which was great because one of the other families wanted a male and the rest of us wanted females.

To make a long story short, this lone male puppy was a bit slow to mature compared to his sisters and we ended up keeping him so that the other puppy owners could be assured of getting the high drive puppy that they needed. It took a bit longer but indeed he did mature and became everything that we hoped for and more! However, having a male of this pedigree instead of the female we planned for has it’s own challenges and will mean that for now, CoolJam only has a handful of breeding opportunities lined up.

We love everything about this dog from his kind friendly nature to his incredible responsiveness, his small muscular stature and structure and his intensity! Plus, he has the offswitch we absolutely need in such a package. CoolJam has been the star in several webinars and classes that I’ve taught for the Fenzi Dog Sports Academy as demo dog for dock diving and dog powered sports training. In his first season of dock diving competition, he earned his Dock Senior, and Dock Master titles in subsequent weekends and followed up with earning his HydroDash Master title and his first elite scores the next weekend. All of these big scores and he was using less than half the dock. The following season, CoolJam set a new world record in Fast Fetch and became the Western Canadian Regional Champion in the Masters division of Air Retrieve.

In the winter, CoolJam enjoys dog sledding with our all-Lab team. He is expecting a promotion to lead dog this season if it ever snows!

CoolJam is ultimately training for agility competition and we have been taking it slow and steady to ensure good foundations are in place for such a fast and talented boy. He had a few light trials in 2022 and will be ready for more serious competition in 2023. We also hope to run some hunt tests later in the 2023 season.

We expect CoolJam will continue the legacy of exceedingly smart and athletic labradors into future generations of the Eromit Labs breeding program!

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