Eromit’s Boom Boom Pow DMA

Date of Birth: May 26, 2017

Color: EEbb (chocolate, does not carry yellow)

Hips: OFA Excellent

Elbows: OFA Normal

Eyes: CAER Clear 2019

Shoulders: OFA Normal

Patellas: OFA Normal

Heart: Echo Clear

DNA cleared for EIC, CNM, prcd-PRA, RD-OSD, SD2, HNPK, DM- by PPG

5 Generation Pedigree HERE

10-generation COI0.66% (✓ less than breed average of 6.73%

Height: 21.5 inches Weight: 48 lbs

Fergie is our keeper puppy from the first Avi x Harvey litter. She is an extremely intelligent, very keen and trainable dog with a high energy level and enthusiasm for life! Though she approaches every activity with 110% effort, Fergie also has an excellent off-switch and enjoys a good relaxing evening after a busy day. She is an eternal optimist and is the kind of dog who plays hard and doesn’t let a training set back hurt her feelings.

To date, Fergie’s primary sport is dock diving and she has already earned her Advanced Master dock title, as well as her first Master air retrieve leg, and qualified to attend the NADD national championships! Fergie leaned to be a sled dog last winter and was promoted to lead dog in her first season! Shd is also training for agility and nosework- she will make her debuts in those sports after her first litter. She is very fast, athletic, and powerful, with a high level of persistence and drive. She is a good natured dog that loves to play with people and dogs, but she is typically very focused and shuts out distractions when it comes time to train or compete.

We expect puppies from Fergie’s first litter will be be best suited as high level athletes in competition sports or as working dogs in detection, SAR, or hunting.

Dog Sledding:

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