Search and Rescue Puppy Donation

Eromit recognizes and salutes the hard work and dedication of search and rescue volunteers in helping out when disaster strikes. We were particularly touched by the efforts of the search and rescue teams that attended the avalanche tragedy near Fernie in December of 2008 that took the lives of eight young men from Sparwood, BC, but at that point, did not have any connections in the SAR world and so no way to really help out.

About a year later, Steve Morrison- an experienced avalanched SAR handler from Fernie- reached out to us about the possibility of getting a puppy and inquired about the possibility of a suitable puppy being donated. We loved the idea, and worked with Steve to not only donate his next SAR partner, Neko, but also to develop a program where we donate one puppy every year to an experienced, previously validated search and rescue handler in Canada! Our breeding program cultivates the temperament, drive, and soundness that is essential to a good search and rescue dog and it is our hope that these puppies will be able to make a difference to their search and rescue teams, their communities, and to our world as a whole.

Interested parties may apply for a puppy by filling out the form below. In order to be considered, you should be a member of a recognized search and rescue team and should have prior experience training a search and rescue dog. At this time, only applicants from Canada will be considered. In the event of multiple qualifying applicants, the decision will be made with the priority of a ‘best match’ scenario- that is, we will choose an applicant that we consider to be the best match- for the best possible chance of success- with an Eromit dog. The deadline for a 2024 puppy donation is October 30, 2023. All applicants on file will be notified of the decision to award the puppy donation by December 1st.

***Click HERE to see Eromit puppies who have been validated or are currently in training ***

To Apply for a Donated Puppy – copy and paste this into an email and send to

Your Name:

Mailing Address

City, Province

Postal Code

Phone Number

Email Address

Name/Location of Your Search and Rescue Team

How long have you been a member?

For what specific type of search will the puppy be trained? (avalanche, urban disaster, cadaver, etc) List any and all that apply.

Please list and describe your current and past SAR dogs. (breeds, age,how long they worked and what happened after retirement).

Your current veterinarian.

Please explain in detail why you are a good candidate for an Eromit Lab Puppy, and why you should be selected to have a puppy donated to you. (You may provide reference information here).

The selected applicant must belong to a SAR team that is a registered non-profit organization, and who is able to provide a receipt for the donated puppy. Is this something that your team is able and willing to do, if you are selected?

Any successful applicant will be subject to the terms and conditions of our donation contract, which includes our health guarantee. A copy of this contract is available upon request and is similar to our purchase agreement with the intent being to protect the interest of the dog. The donated puppy will be registered with the CKC and ownership transferred to the successful applicant upon receipt of a donation receipt from the successful applicant’s SAR team for the sum equal to the cost of other puppies in the selected litter. The successful applicant will be consulted to determine which planned litter will be most suitable for their needs, and agrees to provide regular progress reports once the puppy is in training. The puppy may not be used for breeding, nor may it be rehomed to anyone but the breeder, for any reason. By submitting this form, I agree to the above terms and certify that all information provided is truthful and accurate.

Any questions for us?

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