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Updated December 11th, 2021

TOP SECTION of this page shows sales and special order items. Bottom Section contains regular stock items.

To order please email to and include the following:

Your name and mailing address, what item (s) you want to order (and details like color, size, and quantity). We will get back to you with a postage quote or any questions we may need answered before filling your order. Orders are typically mailed out on Monday mornings each week.

Prices listed do not include applicable taxes or shipping.

~~~~~~ NEW! We now offer Biothane collars, leashes and long lines. Custom creations available. Visit our facebook page for the latest availability! (Click HERE) ~~~~~

SPECIAL ORDER ITEMS – these items are only available while supplies last!

We carry several brands of Raw Dog and Cat foods, including Mountain Dog Food, K9 Choice, Rocky Mountain Raw, Naturawls, and Pets 4 Life. The variety of options between these brands include complete meals, meat only, organs only, tripe, chicken necks, lamb or beef bones. A variety of protein sources are available- chicken, turkey, pork, beef, buffalo, llama, lamb and duck. Since products are constantly being added we do not maintain a price list on the website but you may email me for the current offerings/list. Visit each


these items are the ones we can’t live without and aim to keep in stock at all times:


Origins 5 in 1 Supplement– Highly recommended as a probiotic for digestion, joint support and immune boosting supplement.

——— > Available in 2 pound package $40.18

———-> 5 pound package- $75.89

Fermented Tumeric 5.25 oz – $30

Green Lipped Mussel Powder – (6 oz)- $40.18

Pet Kelp Probiotic  (8 oz) 12.32


amphibious bumper
ultra ball
remington canvas dummy

Light House Floating Toy- (floats upright!) $20

Chuckit Bumpers– Large $20, Small $12

Chuckit Ball – 2 Pack – $15

Remington Canvas Bumper – Large (3×12″) – $15  Small (2×9″) $10


Nail Clippers – $12

Zoom Groom – $12

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