2020 Litters

Born January 16, 2020- Our “Little Spices” Litters

Eromit’s Twist of Hot Spice OD-SP CW-SP DS DM x Chunky River Moonshine Madness CWSP DMA AM HDM

Leo – Eromit’s Capture The Moment

Miley- Eromit’s Redrock Diva

Butter- Eromit’s As You Wish

Spider- Eromit’s Along Came a Spider

Pounce – Eromit’s More Pounce to the Ounce

Toby- Eromit’s Toby Roller

Born June 23, 2020 – Our “Avengers” Litter

Eromit’s Ice Ice Baby CWSP DJ x Chunky River Moonshine Madness CWSP DMA AM HDM

Doug- Eromit’s Great White North

Corb- Eromit’s Hurtin Albertan

Captain- Eromit’s Captain America

Wally- Eromit’s Nick Fury (passed away August 2021 – congenital organ issues)

Rudi – Eromit’s Splashin’ Sunshine

Raven- Eromit’s Deep Water Dark

Lola- Eromit’s Run Lola Run

Bridget – Eromit’s Ebony Bridge

Cali- Eromit’s Tails California

Creed- Eromit’s Fire Next Time

Tuco- Eromit’s Mister Salamanca

Born September 12, 2020 – our “Clear Sailing” Litter

Eromit Devil’s Tongue Red CWSP DJ x Six Mile’s Canadian Twist CGN PCD RN SGDC ETD TD-ROM CW-SP CW-SD CW-SR1 SSG-N CW-SR CW-ZR1 SSN BID

Piper- Eromit Piper at The Gates of Dawn

Beezie- Eromit’s Beezie

London- Hamish Murdock Eromit

Opie- Eromit’s Harry Winston

Sally – Eromit’s Red Hot Mustang Sally

Barrett – Eromit’s Big Shot

Parker – Eromit Clean Air Turbulence

Henry – Eromit’s Lake Country Henry

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