Puppy Headstart Training

The Puppy Headstart Training Program was created after receiving many requests for both our training services, and for slightly older, pre-trained puppies.  This program is currently offered preferentially to purchasers of Eromit Lab puppies who live in the US who are unable or not interested in applying for a CDC puppy import exemption (see below) OR to previous Canadian puppy buyer clients.  PRE-BOOKING IS REQUIRED as this program is extremely limited and is not available for all litters.


What does the Headstart Training Program include?

Headstart puppies live in our home and are  raised as we raise our own keeper puppies. This means that they will be well started on  house-training, crate training,  early obedience, retriever and/or agility training, and will be super-socialized.  *The Headstart program is not intended to replace ongoing formal training at an appropriate age, but rather to prepare the puppy for life long learning and for the basics of being a well behaved pet. We strongly recommend that you continue your Headstart puppy’s education by enrolling in classes once you get your puppy home.*

Who should  consider the Headstart Program?

American buyers who are interested in acquiring an Eromit puppy will need to enroll in our Headstart training, or find a suitable Canadian-based trainer to work with the puppy until a minimum of 4 months age (due to new US import laws), if their application to import the puppy before rabies vaccination is unsuccessful.  Puppies will need to be picked up in person upon the completion of training- we do not ship puppies to their new homes at the completion of training.

How much does it cost and how long does it last?

Headstart Training cost $250 per week (includes tax) with a minimum of 8 weeks (training officially starts at 8 weeks of age). You can elect to have your puppy stay in training for longer but this  duration must be determined at the start of training so that we can plan our availability in advance.  Food, deworming, and your puppy’s 12 week vaccination are included in the cost.  RABIES VACCINE at 12 weeks  required for all puppies going to the US is NOT included but  will be billed separately. Your puppy will be sent home with the same basic items that apply to a regular puppy purchase (collar & leash, soft toy or blanket, food samples, health warranty, health insurance trial).

Can I visit my puppy?

YES! Once your puppy has been matched to you (usually at 6-7 weeks of age), you will be welcome to visit as often as once per week, if practical- (by appointment) to visit your puppy and get a hands-on update on his or her progress. On pick-up day, please plan to spend several hours with us learning about your puppy’s routine and the cues he or she has learned. During the training period you will get several updates by video/email to let you know how your puppy is progressing if you can’t visit in person.

Check out some video of some of our previous headstart graduates- all of these puppies are 4 months old or less at the time the video was shot and represent several different litters from our breeding program.

Noodles – Beretta x Chester

Bo – Beretta x Chester

Carbon – Verona x Ace

Stanley – Verona x Chester

Tark – Shelby x Ruger

Riley– Beretta x Shadow

Puck – Kimber x Chester

Bella – Shelby x Ruger

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