Trained Dogs For Sale


Two dogs available:

Eromit’s Energizer Buddy  – “Buddy”

Buddy is an 11 month old chocolate male from our Glitzy x Harvey litter born March 4, 2017. Buddy was injured as a baby puppy when his mom accidentally stepped on him, damaging the growth plate on his femur.  The end of the femur was removed in August, and he’s completed his rehab exercises and is now looking for his forever home!

Buddy is a very handsome, very energetic dog. He is finishing up his basic obedience training and sport introductions and will be ready fall 2018, or could be available sooner to a seasoned trainer. Buddy is expected to have an entirely normal life despite his previous injury although he will be need to kept lean and well muscled (but shouldn’t every dog be kept nice and fit?). Buddy will undergo a vasectomy prior to placement to allow him to keep beneficial hormones for growth without risking an accidental breeding.  He would be ideally suited as somebody’s jogging partner, canicross dog, hunting dog, detection dog, or other career where he is trained daily and gets a lot of exercise. He is a very good natured dog who gets along with all other dogs, cats and people.  We expect that Buddy will mature to around 65-70 lbs or so.  Contact us for more info & price.




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Eromit’s All That Glitters SGDC CRN-MCL GD-SP 2015 BC Xtreme Vertical Semi-Pro Champ – “Glitzy”

“Glitzy” is retiring from our breeding program and will be available late April to a suitable family. Glitzy is a stunningly beautiful,  happy, energetic girl who was born August 1, 2012 from our 2nd Beretta x Chester litter. She has had all of her genetic and orthopedic health screening done which she passed – you can see these HERE and HERE.   Glitzy’s ideal new family would be one that is active and likes to include their dog in all daily activities. She is a LOT of fun and loaded with character. Glitzy would rather not live with any other female dogs- she is very competitive and would do better with easy going male dogs in the same household or as an only dog. She’s a little boisterous and would be better in a household without small children. Glitzy is titled in agility, rally, and is a dock diving champion.  She LOVES to fetch! She is house trained and travels well and has many advanced skills including some experience as an upland hunting dog and shed hunting dog. Glitzy had a back injury in 2017 and though it has healed and she is back in action,  we have decided that it would be better for not to have another litter with all of the extra weight that comes along with that. We recommend that she does not continue dock diving or activities like catching frisbees in the air which can be hard on a dog’s back – but she is cleared for all other activities. She loves hiking and is very reliable off leash.  Please contact us if you think you are the right family for Glitzy!





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