Viper (retired)

Eromit’s Street Legal CW-SP SOG OD-SP OD-P DM AS

(SGDC 3/6)

2015 BC Xtreme Air PAC Series Semi-Pro Champ

2017 Canadian Xtreme Retrieve Semi-Pro Champ

Date of Birth: June 19, 2014

Color: Black (EEBb- carries chocolate)

Hips: OFA Excellent- LR-222089E24F-VPI

Elbows: OFA Normal LR-EL74047F24-VPI

Shoulders: OFA Normal LR-SH322F12-VPI

Patellas: OFA Normal LR-PA1195/24F/P-VPI

Eyes: CAER Clear LR-EYE5077/35F-VPI

Heart: OFA ECHO Clear LR-ACA407/35F-VPI

EIC: Clear by Parentage

CNM: Clear by Parentage

prcd-PRA: Clear by Parentage

RD-OSD: Clear by Parentage

SD2 – Clear – Paw Print Genetics

12 Gen COI: 3.55%

HEIGHT: 20 inches WEIGHT: 46 lbs

5 generation Pedigree- Click HERE

Viper is a very bright, high drive, independent dog from our Verona x Chester litter. We did not originally intend to keep a puppy from this litter as we were hoping to keep a chocolate puppy from Verona’s next litter, but Viper was too special to resist. From a young age, she had the most intelligent, focused ‘Keep Me!’ eyes.  As a stand-out puppy in an exceptional litter, we are excited to see what the future holds for this little smarty pants.

Viper is training for agility, rally, dock diving and nosework and is doing very well – she  has earned her C-WAGS scent patrol title and WON the BC Championship semi-pro X-treme Air dock jumping competition with a personal best jump of 18’9″ on her debut weekend of dock competition.  Viper continues to progress in dock diving, and in 2017 was handled to several new personal bests  including a 6’2″ in high jump and a 7th overall finish overall at the Canadian Championships. Viper is probably best known for her wonderful social temperament with both dogs and people and her ultra keen nose. She has siblings titled and/or excelling in training for rally, obedience, agility, field trials, hunt tests and search and rescue.

Viper has had two litters sired by Harvey, and two litters sired by Buzz. Her puppies have proven to be diversely talented, good natured, super athletic puppies with high drive and an excellent off switch. Viper is now retired from breeding but will continue to pursue her other interests! 

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