Our Dogs

We are extremely proud of our dogs. All of the Eromit dogs are members of our family, and none of the dogs on this page are for sale. Our dogs are chosen from our own litters and from select reputable breeders to become future members of our breeding program. We pick dogs who are mentally and physically sound, with outgoing, sociable temperaments, high confidence and drive, with natural eagerness for birds, retrieving, and swimming. Prior to breeding, our dogs are evaluated to ensure they meet these high standards for performance, structure and temperament. They also undergo rigorous health testing to ensure that no preventable genetic issues are passed along. We believe Labradors should be athletic, highly trainable versatile working dog and companions as described by the breed standard. Specifically  our personal preference is for high energy dogs on the small side of the standard who love to play and train but who also have an off-switch Рthis is critical to living in a household with a dozen or more dogs! Our dogs all have jobs beyond breeding, and enjoy activities such as hunting for birds or shed antlers, agility, hunt tests, tracking, nosework, obedience, rally, dock diving, dog sledding and being buddies on our outdoor adventures.

Our Stud Dogs – click on a picture to learn more

RugerPickleharvey june1p3

Our Females – click on a picture to learn more

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Our Retirees: Click on a picture to learn more

twig 12p4


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