Dog Stories: Lily

Written by Lily’s owner- Lori Weltz

In 2017, we contacted Erin to be put on a list for an Eromit puppy, thinking we would get one in spring 2018. As it turns out, there was a puppy available right away, and we brought home a perfect little yellow girl. She was, and continues to be, a bundle of energy.

Roughly 4 months after Lily came to live with us, my 6-year-old dog Olive was diagnosed with osteosarcoma, and she had her leg amputated. On top of my worries about managing Olive’s care, we had a 6-month-old, high energy puppy who had already decided Olive was her best friend. I feared that Lily would accidentally hurt Olive while she was healing. 

It turns out, Lily was more sensitive than we realized. She always approached Olive quietly, never roughhousing. And when Olive was well enough to play, Lily was very gentle. On Olive’s last night with us, Lily rested quietly by her side, saying goodbye.

As time has passed, Lily has proven herself gentle with all dogs, especially puppies. It’s an interesting contrast to the high energy dog people see when she’s playing dog sports. She’s a special girl who loves to do all the things, all the time. I think she came to us a year early because we needed her.

Baby Lily with her best buddy Olive.

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