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Eromit’s Ice Ice Baby

Color: Chocolate (EEbb) (does not carry yellow)

Shoulders: OFA Normal LR-SH369F12-VPI

Patellas: OFA Normal LR-PA1318/12F/P-VPI

Hips: OFA  Excellent LR-231451E24F-VPI

Elbows: OFA Normal LR-EL82053F24-VPI

Eyes: CAER Clear 2017 LR-EYE12614/17F-PI

Heart: OFA ECHO clear LR-ACA410/17F-PI

EIC, CNM, SD2, prcd-PRA, RD/OSD, HNPK (and more)- clear – Vanilla Embark test

  Copper Toxicosis ATP7A-WT/M ATP7B – WT/M (Paw Print)

5 Generation Pedigree HERE

Height: 19 inches Weight 45 lbs

12 Gen COI: 4.00%

Vanilla is our keeper puppy from our Verona x Pickle litter. The litter was born just before Christmas 2015- several days premature and very small.  They were tough little puppies and as they grew up, we were amazed at how nimble and clever they were.   The entire litter was stellar and with three chocolate females to pick from, it was a tough choice. Vanilla has show herself to be a very talented dog. She is bright, drivey and courageous. She has the same playful and kind nature that her mother has which makes her friends with everyone. Vanilla is a water-lover, having inherited her sire’s exceptional dock diving skills! She is an incredible marker and has the best nose of any puppy I’ve ever seen. Vanilla is super birdy, has a soft mouth and her very favorite activity (which should come as no surprise if you know any of her relatives) is retrieving!

Vanilla made her competition debut prior to her first birthday. First, she entered the BC Xtreme Air Dogs Dock Diving Championship with a junior handler. She helped her handler win the top junior handler award and also made the Amateur finals. Her next competition was the Canadian Xtreme Air Dogs championship and she set a new personal best of 18’5″. She went into the finals as the top seed in the Amateur division and finished 6th overall. Very impressive for a 7 month old pup with limited training. Vanilla will also train in the field and in nosework and possibly rally or agility down the road. Stay tuned for her progress reports. Vanilla has sisters titled in the field and  obedience and excelling in agility and search and rescue training.

Vanilla has produced two lovely litters for us and is now retired from breeding to focus on her sporting career!

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