2011 Brags!

2011 was another big year for the Eromit competitors!

Our 2011 Brags!!!!

Neko- Eromit’s Case Closed- earned his ‘Team in Training Status’ with the Canadian Avalanche
Rescue Dog Association

Ember – Eromit’s Red Hot  JH WC- owned by Holly Drabyk from North Gower, ON
-earned her first 2 Junior passes at the Saskatoon Retriever Club hunt test, just over a year old!
-earned her Working Certificate title in August!
-finished her Junior Hunter title in September!

Maddie- Eromit Midnight Madness WC JH – owned by Tracy Auchstaetter from Saskatoon
– earned her Junior Hunter title at the Brandon hunt test!

Twig – Bit of Shine ENGL SGDC
– earned Q’s in Advanced Snooker, Advanced Jumpers, Advanced Gamblers, and Master
– earned Snooker and Steeplechase Q’s  at the Clear Sailing trial in September. She is now only
1 Q away from her AGDC title.

Kimber – Eromit’s Kimber Surprise
-earned 2nd Gamble Q at her first outdoor trial in July, to move her to Advanced Gamblers!

Verona – Eromit Bust a Move
– earned first Gamble Q at her first outdoor trial in July, an another at her next trial, to move her
to Advanced Gamblers.
-earned first Jumpers Q at the Clear Sailing trial in September

Beretta – Eromit’s Xtrema Retrieva
– earned 1st Advanced Jumpers Q, Starters Snooker Q, and her final Starters Gamblers Q at the
Clear Sailing agility trial. Now needs just one Q for her  SGDC title.

Olympia- Eromit’s Olympic Fever JH WC (owned by Georgy & Olga Onikshavili of Maple Ridge,
– earned her last two passes to finish her Junior Hunter title-  only 16 months old!
-earned her Working Certificate in August at Bridal Falls.

Yoshi- Eromit’s Tatsuyoshi TF-1 (owned by Judy  Bassett of Garden Grove, California)
– made competitive flyball singles debut with 8 clean heats and a best time of 4.3 seconds!
– at his second tournament  made a new personal best of 4.271 seconds!
– at his third tourney earned yet another personal best of just over 4.2 seconds!
– new personal best in October – 4.160 seconds!
– earned his Top Flight Level 1flyball  title in October!
– Yoshi is ranked as the #3 fastest flyball Lab in 2011 (#5 All-time!!!)

Shadow – Eromit Casper’s Shadow JH WC (owned by Dan Vaughan of Maple Ridge, BC)
-earned last 2 passes to finish his Junior Hunter title!!!
– made his junior field trial debut!
-earned his Working Certificate in August

Lyric – SR Eromit’s Take Note WC  JH (owned by Jen Richards of Calgary, AB)
-finished her SR title in the North American Hunting Retriever Association!
-earned final leg to finish Junior hunter Title!

Sable- Eromit’s Sable Sunset (owned by Sherri Fleck of Whistler, BC)
– entered first Dock Dogs competition with a longest jump of 18’2″ and a fastest Speed Retrieve
of 7.541 seconds which put her in the Semi-Pro division and “Turbo” speed!

Ruger- Eromit’s Cops Got My Gun
– earned standard agility Q, Advanced Gamblers Q and an Advanced Snooker Q at the Top Dog
Trial in March, putting him a few steps closer to the ADC and AGDC titles.
– earned 2 Junior passes at the Saskatoon Retriever Club hunt tests in July.
-earned Advanced Gamblers Q and Master Steeplechase Q at the Top Dog trial in November

Chester – Eromit’s Tennessee Trickshot
– earned last Starters Gamblers Q as well as an extra one at the Top Dog Trial.
– earned 2 Advanced Gamblers Qs and a Starter Snooker Q at the Clear Sailing Trial moving him
closer to his SGDC and AGDC titles.
-earned his 2nd Snooker Q in September moving him to Advanced – now only needs one Q for
his SGDC title.

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