2013 Brags!

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Our 2013 Brags:

Cedar – Eromit’s Pine for Cedar- owned by Teach Grant in Vancouver
– had a role in the film ‘Down Here’ which will be shown during the Whistler Film Festival in Dec.

Nash- Eromit’s Crashn’ Nash Surprise – owned by the Hayes in Prince Albert
– won the ‘high in class’ trophy for his beginner obedience class!

Curie- Eromit’s Curiosity Rover – owned by Ellen Dove in California
– made her flyball singles debut in October!
– earned a new personal best in U-FLI singles racing with a time of 4.2 seconds!

Skeet- Eromit’s C-Single Shot – owned by Judy  Bassett in California
– earned the fastest singles time award at her flyball debut in October!
– earned a new personal best in U-FLI singles racing with a time of 3.9 seconds!
– earned the award for ‘best large dog box turn’ at the same tournament!

Winchester- Eromit’s Tennessee Trickshot SGDC RNCL
– earned 2 novice fast Q’s at the Labrador National in October!

Victor- Eromit’s Quick on the Draw RNCL-
-earned his first agility Q in starters jumpers at his first ever trial in September!

Kimber- Eromit’s Kimber Surprise
– earned her first advanced Gambler’s Q at the Top Dog agility trial in August!

Verona – Eromit Bust A Move
– earned her first Advanced Jumpers Q at the Top Dog agility trial in August!
– earned her 2nd Advanced Jumpers Q at the Clear Sailing trial in September with a speed of 5.3
yps, and her first snooker Q the next day!
– earned 2 Q’s towards her Novice Fast title at the Labrador National in October!

Wrigley – FDCH-S MDCH-S  Eromit’s Field of Dreams – owned by Megan and David Draheim in
Washington DC
– made her flyball debut at the end of July, earning her first three titles (FD, FDX and FDCH) and
a personal best of 4.295 seconds!
– earned her champion silver title at her next tournament in September!
-earned a new personal best at the CanAm in October with a time of 4.177, as well as a new titile
of MDCH-S!

Ray – Eromit’s Genius of Soul URO1- owned by Tawnya Lichtenwalter in Washington
– earned his final UKC rally obedience level 1 legs in July, finishing his title just a few days
before his first birthday!
– earned his first AKC rally obedience pass at the Lab National in October with a 2nd place finish!

Spirit – Eromit’s Rescue Ranger (search dog in training)- owned by Natasha and Trevor Provost
in Campbell River
– made her Dock Dogs debut with a big splash in Whistler in July!

Shelby – Eromit’s Lockfive Need for Speed RNCL
-earned a Jumper Q and Snooker Q at her first agility trial in July!
– made her “Dock Dogs” debut in July and earned 2 first places in the junior division and a 2nd
in senior!
-earned jumpers, snooker, and 2 gamblers q’s at the Top Dog trial in August!

Annie- Eromit’s Annie Oakley – owned by Meghan Lahti in Port Moody
-earned a 2nd place in her agility debut in June!

Dune– Eromit’s Aspen Dune WC JH-  owned by Jack Smith in Vanscoy, SK
-earned her Working Certificate in Saskatoon in June!
-earned 3 straight passes in August for her Junior Hunter title!

Lexie- Eromit’s Girl From Quesnel RLP-AOE RL1-  owned by Margaret Daunt in New York
– earned 2 Q’s both with first place finishes in her first ever competition – puppy novice Rally
Class (WCR)!!!
– finished her RLP title in July by earning  a 2nd place  Q and bonus 1st place Q, which also
earned her Award of Excellence for all qualifying scores being over 190!
-earned 2 Q’s towards her Rally Level 1 title in September!
– finished her rally level 1 title in October!

Pickle – Eromit’s Chocolate Covered Pickle- owned by Thaddeus Gramm in Jasper
– passed his initial avalanche Search and Rescue assessment in May and will now pursue

Lyric – WR Eromit’s Take Note WC JH WCX- owned by Jen Richards of Saskatoon
– earned the last passes for her Working Retriever (NAHRA) title in May!
– earned her WCI and WCX on the first weekend in July!

Sable– Eromit’s Sable Sunset MJN SR-TN ID-WN EV-CN- owned by Sherri Fleck in Whistler BC
– earned her Master “big air”  and Warrior level iron dog titles in national Dock Dog competition!
– earned her  Cadet “Extreme Vertical” title in national dock dogs!
– after earning great scores in each of big air, extreme vertical and speed retrieve, Sable was
crowned the 2013 Canadian Regionals Iron Dog Warrior Champion in September!!!
– earned invitations to the 2013 Dock Dogs World Championships in all 4 events!
– earned a 6th place finish in her Iron Dog division at the World Championships, and earned
several placements in individual qualifying events! Also finished the 2013 competition season
as the number 2 ranked IronDog in Canada!

Jett- Eromit’s Stealth Jett – owned by the Behans  in Powell River, BC
– passed his initial Search and Rescue evaluation at 11 months old!

Shadow – Eromit Casper’s Shadow WC JH QFTR – owned by the Vaughans in Maple Ridge
– went to the 3rd series in his first open all age field trial!
– earned a Certificate of Merit for finishing his 2nd ever open FT the next day, which makes him
a designated Qualified Field Trial Retriever!!!

Ember– Eromit’s Red Hot ADC MGDC MSDC AGDC WC JH CD- owned by Holly in Ottawa
– earned 3 passes to complete her CD obedience title in one weekend!
– earned the last Q needed for her Master Gamblers agility title in May as well as another Q
towards her Master Steeplechase title!
-earned her last advanced jumpers Q in July which finished her Advanced Games Dog of
Canada title!
-earned the last Master Snooker Q for her MSDC title in October!

Emma – Eromit’s Jane Austin RN- owned by the Schneiders in Kelowna
-earned 2 novice Q’s and a novice team Q at her first ever trial in March at 10 months old!
– finished her novice Rally obedience title in October!

Amber – Eromit’s Worldwide Freeride – owned by the Rockwells in Prince George
-earned a 195 (FEO) in Novice and a Q/4th place in Novice Team at her first ever Rally-O trial!

Gage- Eromit’s Tenir Une Promesse CGC -owned by Kathleen in Nebraska
– earned his Canine Good Citizen title just 2 days before his first birthday!

Beretta – Eromit’s Xtrema Retrieva SGDC
– earned the last snooker Q needed for her SGDC agility title, and also her 2nd advanced
jumpers Q at the Top Dog trial in March
– earned her first advanced gamblers Q in July
-earned her last advanced jumpers Q at the next trial in July
-earned her first Master Steeplechase Q in July

Yoshi– FDCH Eromit’s Tatsuyoshi TFE-1 – owned by the Bassetts in California
-earned the points needed for his Flyball Dog Champion title in NAFA!
-earned his Top Flight Executive level 1 title in April!
– earned the award for ‘large dog most fun to watch’ at the Jumps n Jackpots flyball tournament
in October!

Koya – Eromit’s Short Track Sequoia- owned by the McCarthys in Toronto
– earned the 2nd Q in starters gamblers which will move her up to advanced at the next trial!
– earned her 2nd starters snookers Q  in March, to moved up to advanced!
– earned her first Jumpers and Standard Q’s in August!
– view Koya’s q records

Zeus – Eromit’s Zeus – owned by Anton in Whistler
-passed the Search and Rescue assessment this winter and is now an officially designated ‘In
Training’ SAR dog!

Ryder – Eromit’s RyderLikeUStoleIt – owned by the Frasers in Edmonton
-earned jumps of 13.5, 14.5 and 15′ in her first ever Dock Dogs event in Edmonton in January!

Neko– Eromit’s Case Closed – owned by the Morrisons in Fernie
-validated and now operational for Avalanche Search and Rescue!

Digger- Eromit’s Digger -owned by the Gutzmans in Fernie
– validated  and now operational for Avalanche Search and Rescue
– previously validated for ground search last summer!

Ruger- Eromit’s Cops Got My Gun SGDC JH
– earned the final Q need for his Starters Games Dog of Canada title and moved up to advanced
-earned an advanced jumpers Q on his first try in March!
– earned his first novice Q at his first ever Rally Obedience Trial!
-earned his 4th Master Steeplechase Q in July!
– earned his last junior hunter pass needed to title at the Saskatoon Retriever Club test in
August, as well as a bonus pass the next day!
-earned a standard, steeplechase, and his final advanced snooker Q at the Top Dog trial in
-earned a Master Gamblers, Master snooker, and Steeplechase Q at the Clear Sailing trial in
-earned 2 q’s in each of novice standard, fast and jumpers at the Labrador National in October!

Ace – Calumet’s Red Baron of Mjolnir JH
– got his 2nd starters jumper Q and moved to advanced!

Carly- Eromit’s California Dreaming CGC WC MX MXJ XF CL-1 CL2-H – owned by Karen in
– finished her novice standard agility title in AKC in early January!
– finished her open JWW title mid January! qualified in 5 of 6 runs and earned first place
finishes in all!
-finished her open standard title in February!
– later in February, earned her first two excellent standard legs!
– also in February, earned her Novice FAST title!

carly 2013
– earned her AX title and first MACH points in April!
– earned her AXJ title also in April!
-earned her first QQ towards her MACH at the same trial!
– earned her Working Certificate in May!
– finished her Open Fast title in August and then immediately earned her first Excellent Fast leg!
– finished her Excellent fast title in October at the Labrador National!
– earned her MX title in  November- on the 1 year  anniversary of her first ever agility trial!
– earned her Master Excellent Jumpers and Time to Beat titles in November!

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