Eromit’s More Pounce to the Ounce DS DM HDS

Pounce’s Sire is BUZZ Pounce’s Dam is SPICE

Date of Birth: January 16, 2020

Color: Black (EeBb) Carries yellow and chocolate

10 generation COI: 1.92%

HEIGHT: 20 inches WEIGHT: 42 lbs

5 generation Pedigree- Click HERE

Pounce’s story begins, like many puppies these days, with covid lockdowns. Originally, we had planned to keep a puppy from the final breeding of Spice and Buzz in 2021, and this cute little bouncy black puppy from their 2020 litter had a fabulous home lined up in the US. But in the final days before puppy pickup was scheduled, the world shut down. Travel was no longer an option into Canada. We held onto Pounce for a month thinking that any day, the border would re-open and her puppy people would be able to come and get her.

By about that time, it became clear this was not going to be ending any time soon. Restrictions got worse we made plans with Pounce’s original family to get a puppy from a litter down the road once travel was again possible. We thought about finding her a home in Canada and realized- she’s a pretty awesome puppy, and we were planning to keep one just like her – why don’t we just keep her?

Pounce comes by her name honestly. When she is excited, she will be racing around full speed and throw in a bouncy, pouncing stride. She also delivers her famous pouncing pop when she dock dives- and earned her senior and Master (over 20 foot) titles in her debut season, using only the front portion of the dock as her runway. She is very talented!

A wee, bitty, athletic girl, Pounce is very high energy and high drive. She has a very high retrieve drive, tugs, swims and has a beautiful natural jump style. She has excelled at everything we’ve thrown at her so far, from dog sledding to shed antler hunting and disc- and she’s begun training for agility too. Along with all of her sporty talents, Pounce is the typical labrador that gets along with everyone and is convinced that everybody is her new best friend. In the summer of 2022, we were asked to join the local SuperDogs show on short notice, and Pounce was an easy choice to bring a long to help entertain the crowds with her high jumping and disc catching skills!

Pounce has finished all of her health testing and we’ll expect puppies from her in late 2022 or early 2023. Her puppies will be best suited for working or sport homes or for active families experienced with high energy dogs.

Dog sledding 2021: Pounce is the 3rd dog to be hooked up (running in left wheel position

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