Chunky River Moonshine Madness CW-SP DMA AM HDM

Date of Birth: August 1, 2015

Color: Yellow – eeBB (does not carry chocolate)

Hips: OFA Excellent LR-229537E25M-NOPI

Elbows: OFA Normal LR-EL80394M25-NOPI

Eyes: CAER Clear 2017

Shoulders: OFA Normal LR-SH394M25-NOPI

Patellas: OFA Normal LR-PA1493/25M/P-NOPI

EIC: Clear (Paw Print Genetics)

CNM: Clear (Paw Print Genetics)

prcd-PRA: Clear (Paw Print Genetics)

RD/OSD: Clear (Paw Print Genetics)

Other Tests (all clear) – Click HERE

10 Gen COI: 6.23% (✓ less than breed average of 6.90%)

5 Generation Pedigree HERE

HEIGHT 24″  WEIGHT 66 lbs

Buzz is the newest member of Team Eromit. We searched for two years for the perfect yellow male to add to our breeding program and finally he arrived! Buzz is a very athletic, leggy and HIGH DRIVE labrador. He is also extremely smart and willing to learn. For those who are familiar with our dogs, Buzz is comparable to Ruger in terms of his brains and trainability. Buzz is confident and willing to try anything, especially if there is a retrieve reward involved.  He is super energetic but does have an off-switch and enjoys a little couch time a the end of a busy day.

Buzz was originally trained as a field trial dog and ran in a couple of derbies. His previous trainer felt that he has the natural abilities to pursue a field championship with further training. Lucky for us, he also has the traits required to become an exceptional performance dog. Within a few sessions of being introduced to the dock, Buzz was already jumping over 20 feet and that is before skill building. We expect that in the seasons to come, Buzz will be a strong contender for record setting performances in this sport- in his first season of competition, he earned his Dock Master and Air Retrieve Master titles, as well as an invitation to the national championships for Air Retrieve! He is also showing a very strong aptitude for agility, with remarkable focus and athleticism. He is tall and he is fast! Buzz’s foundation retriever work also lends well to rally obedience so we expect that he’ll get to compete there too and he recently earned his level 1 nosework title.

Buzz has a fantastic pedigree which you can see with the link above.  His lineage reflects generations of the most talented yellow and black field champions in the game. We are excited to see Buzz on the competition field and as a contributor to our breeding program.

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