Updates for 2020

Spring is coming, and all of the universe is eagerly hoping for a puppy this year. However, if you are hoping for an Eromit puppy, the wait will be a little longer- we are not expecting any litters to be born prior to about the first week of September at the earliest.

Summer time for us is competition time, where our adult dogs get to focus on training, travelling and competing in a variety of dog sports. It’s also when we are busy hosting dock diving trials and offering lessons in this sport and others. I have had several requests for retriever training and for shed hunting workshops, so those will be on the books as soon as weather allows. If you have ideas for other training topics, please let me know!

Here is a sneak peak of what sorts of competitions are going on for local competitors in Quesnel and Prince George this year:

 *March 7/8 – Top Dog Agility Trial PG
* March 28/29 – CARO Rally Trial Pawsitive Steps PG
* April 19th- K9SSG Nosework Trial PG
* April 25/26 – Top Dog Agility Trial PG 
* May 1/2/3- Burns Lake Show/Obedience 
* May 16/17 – Top Dog Agility Trial PG
* May 30- K9SSG Nosework Trial PG
* June 19-21 – Eromit AIRcademy Dock Diving Trial
* July 4/5 – Clear Sailing Agility Quesnel 
* July 11/12 – Eromit AIRcademy Dock Diving Trial 
* July 24-26- Prince George Kennel Club Show/Rally/Obedience PG
* August 7-9- Western Cup Challenge (Eromit Dock Diving)
* Aug 29/30 – AAC Agility Trial, 100 Mile House 
* August 30th- K9SSG Nosework Trial PG
* Sept 12/13 – Clear Sailing Agility Trial Quesnel
* Oct 4 – K9SSG Nosework Trial PG
* November 7/8 – Top Dog Agility Trial PG

We probably will hit most if not all of these trials.

In puppy news, I know that people are eager to find out exactly which litters are coming up for the fall. We do know that we plan to breed Blaze to Coulee on her next heat cycle, which should occur in the early fall, but other litter plans tend to dangle in on the whole timing issue. I have ideas on what pairings I will do, but whether or not they end up being fall or spring or next year plans totally depends.

What I suggest doing, if you are interested in an Eromit puppy for the fall/winter 2020 or early spring 2021, is reach out to me now. I can keep you posted once we have a better idea of what breedings will happen sooner vs later to determine if there will be a puppy that is a good fit for you!

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