Viper Puppies -Videos

Here are a collection of Viper puppy videos, all in one place. 10 black puppies born March 22nd, 2019. (Pro Tip- Follow us on Instagram, Facebook, and Youtube to get the quickest peeks at all videos!)

March 23rd

March 24th

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Viper and her 2 day old tots.

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March 27th

Fat and Sleepy!

ESI odors to date: March 25- Tums March 26th- cat hair – March 27th – anise

March 29th

ESI odor update: March 28th: clove March 29th – birch – March 30- lemongrass

April 5th

The puppies are two weeks old today! About half of them have their eyes open and some can hear loud noises. They celebrated the occasion by listening to the extended version of the Lord of the Rings movie! Puppy weights now range from 2 lbs 1.7 oz (Rex) to 3 lbs 2.2 oz (Chuckles). Here is a little clip of them snuggling in after a blanket change in the whelping box.

April 8th

April 16th

The puppies are 3.5 weeks old here. This is the ‘peak cuteness’ phase- where they are adorable, beginning to have fun play behaviours, but their teeth aren’t too sharp yet! You can see that there is some interest in toys- wrestling them, chewing, and carrying them- and some enthusiastic puppy play too. They don’t come strictly to a voice call yet (that will happen once they’ve started weaning as we pair the ‘pup pup pup’ call with each meal) but they do come running towards loud noises which you see near the end as Tim is thumping on the floor with his hands.

April 25th

April 27th- 5 weeks old!

May 7th

May 11th

Puppy Training Videos

Axel – Crate Training Day 1

Axel Day 2

Venom Day 1

Venom Day 2

‘Cuse Crate Training Day 1

‘Cuse Day 2

Emma Crate Training Day 1

Emma Day 2

Bella Day 3 Crate Training

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