2017 Brags

Congratulations to all of the Eromit dogs on their great results this year already!

“Gemma” – Eromit’s Dancing Diamonds SGDC MADC MGDC MTRDC MSCDC EXG-Bronze – owned by Cathy in Alberta

  • earned her Starters Games agility title!
  • earned her Master Agility Dog of Canada title!
  • earned Master and and Expert Bronze Gamblers titles!
  • earned her Master Team Relay dog title!
  • earned her Masters Steeplechase title!

“Koya” – Eromit’s ShortTrack Sequoia AADC SGDC MSDC – owned by Pat in Ontario

  • earned her Master Snooker agility title!

“Baci” – Eromit’s Baci Perugina CW-SP – owned by Barb in BC

  • went 4/4 to earn her first nosework title!

“Rowan” – Eromit’s Celtic Red MFP OAP OJP EAC EJC ECC WV-E TG-E TN-E CGCA – owned by Joan and Priscilla in California

  • earned his Elite Versatility Award in NADAC agility!
  • earned his Canine Good Citizen and Advanced CGC certificates!
  • earned his  Master Fast, Open and Open Jumpers preferred titles in AKC agility!
  • earned his novice Sniffing Dogs Sports title!

“Swirl” – ATChC Eromit’s Licorice Swirl MSCDC, MTRDC, ExST, EXJ, EXG, EXS, B-AoM, BVA, IP AGIJ, AGX – owned by Debra and Gary in Alberta

  • earned her Master Steeplechase and Master Team Relay agility titles!
  • earned Expert awards in Standard, Jumpers, Gamblers and Snooker as well as her Bronze Award of Merit and Bronze Versatility Awards in AAC agility
  • earned her Novice and Intermediate PAD titles in CKC agility as well as her intermediate aglity and jumpers and Excellent agility titles!
  • 16″ Specials Regional Champion at the AAC AB/NWT event and earned the top combined Standard Award!
  • earned the 3rd highest aggregate scores at the CKC agility trials in August as well as the High Scoring Indigenous breed!

“Siena” – Eromit’s Siena Speedway ADC – owned by Marlene in BC

  • earned her Agility Dog of Canada title!
  • earned several dock diving awards!

“Tosca” – Eromit’s Passions of Tosca OA OAJ NF CGC – owned by the Wilfords in California

  • earned her Open Agility, Open Agility Jumpers, and Novice Fast agility titles!
  • Earned her Canine Good Citizen certificate!

“Turbo” – Eromit’s Hot Wheels DE CWC-T CWC-L CWC-PG CWC-TD – owned by the Grahams in Ontario

  • earned his Toss, Pro Grab, Lure and Top Dog titles in Canine Watersports Canada dock diving!
  • earned is Dock Elite title and qualified and attended the NADD National Championships where he set a new personal best of 26’5″!
  • Canine Watersports Canada National Champion in Toss, Pro Grab And Masters!!

“Tark” – Eromit’s Bat out of Hell NF MX AXJ NTD – owned by Rene in Minnesota

  • earned his Master Excellent agility title and Excellent Jumpers title in AKC!
  • made it to the finals in Steeplechase at their first USDAA Regionals!

“Mystical” – Eromit’s This Magic Moment ADC AGDC CR-N- owned by Dianne in Ontario

  • earned her CARO novice rally title!
  • earned her Agility Dog of Canada, Starters & Advanced Games Dog of Canada titles!

“Emma” – TDCH Eromit’s Jane Austen AGNS, AGIJS, JTS, MGDCS, NPS, IPS, XPS, R.E., CRN, CRNT, MCFT, STT, MPA, TKA, DN-TMJ, TDN, RHTM, RF, DRM, BODDC, DFC, FDDB, CW-SI, CW- SDA, DOT-W, DOT- P, DOT – T, CGN, GD-A II – owned by Heather in BC

  • earned CKC agility titles: AGIJS – CKC Agility Intermediate jumpers with weaves selected , AGNs – CKC Agility Novice standard selected, XPS – CKC Excellent PAD Selected, JTs – CKC jumpers and tunnels selected!
  • earned her  Rookie heel to music title from Pam’s Dog Academy!
  • in CWAGS nosework, CW- SDA  – level 2 ace, CW-SI- C-Wags Scent Investigator
  • Trick dog titles: BRTT- Bronze Trick Title and STT – Silver Trick title as well as DN – TMJ – DogNostics Trickmeister journeyman and Rookie Trick Dog title. Also TKA – AKC trick titles – novice, intermediate and advanced!
  • In Dock Diving: OD-A II – Omega Dog: Xtreme air dogs, 5 jumps in amateur division in 2016 and 2017  and GD – A II Gamma Dog: Xtreme air dogs, Omega plus 5 jumps in amateur division both in 2016 and in 2017 !
  • in SDDA nosework: DOT-W (wintergreen), DOT-P (Pine), DOT- T (Thyme)!
  • in AAC agility: MGDCs – AAC master gamblers dog of Canada!
  • set personal bests in dock diving- 16.1 for Xtreme Air and 17.80 for Xtreme Retrieve.
  • earned 2nd place in the Amateur Points Chase at the XA Canadian Championships, also 3rd in the Amateur Finals and 7th in the Semi Pro Retrieve Championships!
  • ran with two Horse and Rider teams at the Armstrong IPE hoof and woof and came in First And 2nd!

“Shuger” – Eromit’s Shuger and Spice ADC SGDC – owned by Donna in BC

  • earned her Agility Dog of Canada and Starters Games Dog of Canada titles!
  • competed at the BC/Yukon Regional Agility Championship and qualified for the nationals!
  • Attended the 2017 AAC National Agility Championship!
  • earned First Place in the Amateur Points Chase at the Xtreme Air Canadian Dock Diving Championships!
  • earned First Place in the Semi-Pro Division for Xtreme Hi Jump!

“Dune” – Eromit’s Aspen Dune WCI JH – owned by Jack in Saskatchewan

  • earned her Working Certificate Intermediate title!

“Dixie” – Eromit’s Aspen Dixie CD WCI JH – owned by Jack in Saskatchewan

  • earned her Companion Dog obedience title!
  • earned her Junior Hunter, Working Certificate AND Working Certificate Intermediate titles!

“Shine” – SHR MACH Eromit’s White Lightning Shine JH MXS MJG MFB T2B CGC TKA– owned by Alice in Florida

  • earned her Master Bronze FAST agility title in June!
  • earned her Masters Gold Jumpers and Master Agility Champion titles in August!
  • earned her Master Silver Agility title in October!
  • earned her novice, intermediate and advanced trick dog titles in October!

“Ella” – Eromit’s Northern Light DM CL1-H CL1-S CL1-F CL1-R CL2-H- owned by Darlene in Ohio

  • earned her Masters Dock Diving title, and qualified for and attended the NADD National Championships in Florida!
  • earned a 5th place in the Pro division Points Chase at the Canadian Xtreme Air Dock Diving Championships!
  • earned Level 1 agility titles in CPE for Handler, Fun, Strategy and Standard events!
  • also earned her level 2 Handler title!

” Chaos” – Eromit’s Calm Before the Storm AX AXJ – owned by Jean in California

  • Earned his Excellent Jumpers agility title!

“Kinsey” – Eromit’s Kindred Joy OA OAJ DM TKA CGCA  – owned by Kate  & Phyllis in Washington

  • earned her Novice and Open agility titles as well as Novice and Open Aglity  Jumpers titles!
  • earned her Senior and Masters Dock Diving titles and qualified for the NADD National Championships!
  • earned her novice, intermediate and advanced Trick Dog Titles!
  • earned Advanced titles in UKC Nosework for Containers, Interiors and Exteriors!
  • earned her Canine Good Citizen and Advanced CGC!

“Voodoo” – RATChX2 Black Magic of Eromit WC ITD CGC BN RN CW-SI CW-Ob1 DE BCAT SWN – owned by Chris Puls in Indiana

  • earned his RATCH Barn Hunt Champion title (at 11 mo. old), RATCH Excellent title, and RATCH Excellent 2 !
  • earned his CW-SP Level 1, CW-SD Level2, and CW-SI Level 3 titles in CWAGS nosework
  • earned his CW-Ob1 Level 1 title in CWAGS  Obedience
  • earned his Dock Master and Dock Elite  dock diving titles (in NADD)
  • earned titles in AKC Nosework : SEN, SCN, SIN, SBN, SWN
  • earned his BCAT (AKC FastCAT) Lure Coursing titles!
  • earned his CZ8B title – barn hunt crazy 8 Bronze

“Shot”- Eromit’s DoubleShot of Chocolate MBD MBDX MBDCh MBDCh-S FM – owned by Polly & Rudy in Washington

  • Earned her Multi-Breed team flyball dog, excellent champion and silver titles!
  • Earned her Flyball Master title!

“Lexie” – Eromit’s Girl From Quesnel AXP,AJP,XFP,SPG,EAC,ECC,EJC,O-TN-E,TG-O,WV-E,HP-E,BR-E,RLP-AOE,RL1,RL2-AOE – owned by Margaret in New York

  • earned her excellent standard preferred title in AKC agility
  • earned her Starters Performance Gambler title USDAA agility!
  • earned her Elite Chances, Elite Weavers, Open Touch and Go, Elite Hoopers, Elite Barrelers, and Open Versatility Award in NADAC agility!

“Ginger” – Eromit’s Spice Up Your Life CW-SP CW-SD CW-SI CW-SS – owned by Cathy in Prince George

  • earned her CWAGS Scent Investigator and Super Sleuth titles!

“Luna”- TDCH Eromit’s Dark Side of the Moon AGDC MADC MGDC MJDC – owned by Kathryn in Nanaimo

  • earned her Advanced Agility Dog of Canada and Masters Agility Dog of Canada title!
  • earned her Advanced Games Dog of Canada, Masters Gamblers Dog of Canada and Master Jumpers Dog of Canada title!
  • earned 6th place in the 22″ Special division at the BC Regional Agility Championship!

“Aero” – Eromit’s I’ll Fly Away NADD DJ DM DMA DS – owned by Anne in West Virginia

  • earned his Dock Junior, Dock Senior, Dock Master, and Dock Master Advanced titles!
  • qualified for the 2017 National Championships for North American Dock Diving league!

“Carly” – MACH7 Eromit’s California Dreaming MXB3 PAD MJS3 PJD MFC TQX T2B5 TKI WC CGC – owned by Karen in California

  • earned her 6th and 7th Master Agility Champion titles!
  • earned her T2B5, MXG2, MJC2, MJB3, MX2, MJS3, MFC, PAD, PJD and MXB3 agility titles!
  • earned her Trick Dog Novice and Trick Dog Intermediate titles!
  • Finished as the #3 ranked Labrador for the AKC agility Invitational!

“Lassie” – Eromit’s High Flyin’ Little Lady FD FDX FDCh – owned by Meghan in Port Moody

  • earned her Flyball Dog, Flyball Dog Excellent and Flyball Dog Champion titles!

“Annie Oakley” – Eromit’s Sharp Shootin’ North Star FDCh-G, FM – owned by Meghan in Port Moody

  • earned her Flyball Champion Gold and Flyball Master titles!

“Ray” – UROC Eromit’s Genius of Soul CD PCD PCDX – owned by Tawnya in Iowa

  • earned his Preferred Companion Dog Excellent title!
  • earned his UKC Rally Obedience Champion title!

“Lyric” – MHR Eromit’s Take Note SH WCX CDX RA – owned by Jen in Alberta

  •  earned her Senior Hunter title!
  • earned her Companion Dog Excellent title!

“Spice” – Eromit’s Twist of Hot Spice – co-owned with Katherine in Prince George

  • finished 5th in the semi-pro division at the Canadian Xtreme Air dock diving Championship!

“Victor” – Eromit’s Quick on the Draw SGDC CRNCL CRNT CW-SP – owned by Katherine in Prince George

  • earned his Starters Games Dog of Canada agility title!
  • earned his CWAGS Scent Patrol nosework title!

“Amber” – Eromit’s Worldwide Freeride ADC SGDC CRAMCL CRNT CRBN – owned by Katherine in Prince George

  • entered her first Regional Agility Championship and earned 328 points!
  • finished 11th at the Canadian Xtreme Air dock diving championship in the Semi-Pro division!
  • made her nosework debut earning 3 passes towards her CW-SD title!

“Breeze” – 2xHIT Eromit’s Dance On Air CDX NJP CGC TKP RLPX RLP-AOE– owned by Crystal in Virginia

  • earned her Companion Dog Excellent with brilliant scores and two High in Trial Awards!
  • earned her Trick Dog Performer title!
  • eared her first Utility passes!

“Ember” –ATChC Eromit’s Red Hot CGN WC JH CDX AGIJ XP AGX MSCDC EXG BRONZE – owned by  Holly in Ontario

  • completed her  AG.I., AG.I.J., and Ex PAD CKC agility titles at the Summer Spectacular in June!
  • Top Labrador and #3 Sporting dog at the Summer Spectacular!
  • made the Steeplechase finals, ran in two “Top 5” challenge events, and earned the Adele McNiven Memorial Award!
  • Ember and Holly teamed up with a horse and rider team to earn first place in the Horse-Dog relay at the International Horse Show in July!

“Savvy” – Eromit’s In the Know CGN AGI NP AGNJ – owned by Holly in Ontario

  • earned her Agility and Agility intermediate tites in CKC agility!
  • earned her Novide PAD title!
  • earned her novice CKC agility Jumpers title!
  • earned her first AAC agility q’s in June!
  • earned her first novice obedience leg in December!

“Rory” – Eromit’s Stars Hollow- owned by Janet Rygnestad in Nanaimo

  • earned his first validation in Wilderness Search and Rescue!

“Hazel” – Eromit’s Hazel Grace – owned by Carly Trobridge in Nanaimo

  • earned her first validation in Wilderness Search and Rescue!

“Joule” – Eromit’s MidKnight Joule MX MXJ XF -owned by Betty &  Chuck in Idaho

  • earned her open, excellent and master standard agility titles!
  • earned her excellent and master  jumpers titles!
  • earned her excellent FAST agility title!
  • earned ASCA novice titles in agility, jumpers and novice & open gamblers!

“Reason” – Eromit’s Here for a Reason NTD FDX – owned by Jennifer in Saskatoon

  • earned her Flyball Dog Excellent title!

“Deuce”- Eromit’s Prairiestorm DeuceRay – owned by the Frasers in Prince George

  • made his agility competition debut
  • placed 8th in the semi-pro division at the Canadian Xtreme Air dock diving championships.

“Blaze” – Eromit’s Too Hot to Handle- co-owned with Janine in Prince George

  • made her agility competition debut
  • placed 10th in the semi-pro division at the Canadian Xtreme Air dock diving championship!
  • placed 9th in the sem-pro division of Retrieve event at the Canadian XA dock diving championship!

“Taz” – Eromit’s Three Wishes MADC AGDC – owned by Janine in Prince George

  • earned her Masters Agility Dog of Canada Title
  • earned her Advanced Games Dog of Canada agility title!

“Eddy”- Eromit’s Eddyline RA NAP NA NF – owned by the Potters in California

  • earned her Novice Fast and Novice Agility titles!
  • earned her Rally Novice and Rally Advanced Titles!

“Calibre” – Eromit’s I’m Your Huckleberry CGN- owned by the MacDonalds in Whitehorse

  • earned his Canine Good Neighbour Certificate!

“Walter”- SHR Eromit’s Walter the Farting Dog JH -owned by Kyle and Lisa in Victoria

  • earned his Junior Hunter and Started Hunting Retriever titles in straight passes!

“Harvey”- Six Mile’s Canadian Twist PCD RN- owned and trained by us at Eromit

  • earned his Pre Novice obedience title!
  • earned his CKC novice Rally Obedience Title!

“Shelby” Eromit’s Lock Five Need For Speed WC CRNCL SGDC CD RN OD-XP- owned and trained by us at Eromit

  • earned her first two Open Obedience legs with a High in Trial!
  • earned her CKC novice rally obedience title with a perfect score!
  • Earned first place in the Xtreme Pro dock diving Retrieve event in June and set a new Canadian record for Top Dog Points!
  • Tied the Canadian Record for Xtreme High Jump by jumping 7’4″ for first place at the Canadian Championships in August! Also earned 2nd place in Pro Division of Xtreme Air and 2nd Place Xtreme Pro Retrieve!
  • Beat her own previous record to set a brand new Top Dog points record!
  • Earned Top Dog of the Year award for Xtreme Air Canada
  • earned her Working Certificate in August!
  • Took first place in the Masters Division and first place in Lure at the West Central Waterdogs event in Alberta in August!

“Kimber” – Eromit’s Kimber Surprise SGDC WC ATD – bred/owned/trained by Eromit

  • earned her Working Certificate in August!

“Pepper” – Eromit Devil’s Tongue Red CW-SP – bred/owned/trained by Eromit

  • earned her CWAGS level 1 nosework title in October!

“Chester” – Eromit’s Tennessee Trickshot SGDC CRNCL CGN OD-P -owned and trained by Eromit

  • Pro Division Champion at the 2017 Canadian Xtreme Air Finals!

“Viper” – Eromit’s Street Legal CW-SP – bred/owned/trained by Eromit

  • Semi Pro Division Champion for Canadian Xtreme Retrieve!

“Pickle”- Eromit ChocolateCoveredPickle- co-owned by Eromit and Sheila Fairbank in BC

  • took first place in the Xtreme Pro division in June!
  • 2nd place in the Xtreme Pro division Canadian Championships!
  • 1st place in the Pro Division Hi Jump at the Canadian Championship!
  • 2nd place Top Dog (overall combined points) at the XtremeAir Canadian Championships!
  • earned his ‘team in training’ for wilderness Search and Rescue with Sheila!

“Verona” Eromit Bust A Move ADC MGDC MJDC MSDC EXG-Bronze – bred/owned/trained by Eromit

  • earned her Master Snooker title and her Expert Gamblers Bronze in agility!


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