Western Cup 2021



Please read this entire page and complete all instructions. There are 3 parts to thisl which require your attention. 

  1. Entry Details and Waivers – You have already entered the specific splashes that you will be competing in via the NADD website, but to avoid a lengthy ‘check in’ process when you arrive to the competition site, we will need you to complete the entry waivers online in advance. We also have a few additional questions about your dog and our fundraiser event entry that you will complete. YOU MUST COMPLETE THESE WAIVERS by AUGUST 12th to give me enough time to get everything ready in time for the event. It will take you 5 minutes and the sooner you get it back to me, the more I will like you. 
    1. Follow this link: https://eromit.as.me/?appointmentType=25242338
    2. No matter which day(s) you are planning to be there, you will only need to do this once and you will get to the form by clicking on the August 13 date which is bold. When you click it, it will say 8:00 am, the number of spots left – Hit “CONTINUE” (we already know which splashes you are entered in so don’t worry if you will not actually be there on August 13th at 8 am, this is just the start of the weekend event for our recording system. 
    3. This will bring you to the Waiver and Entry Details page. Fill out your name, phone number and email. You must do this even if you’ve entered previous events or had lessons here- it is specific to this event and required. Then, you will proceed to read through each of the waivers and click “I Agree”. You will type your name as the primary handler as a signature of agreement, and then list each person that is going to be in attendance with you (as few as possible of course! No guests outside of your immediate family. These people MUST be your travelling spouse/partner/family).  If you normally require a holder for your dog, and can get by with having a volunteer do it to help us reduce the number of people on site, then that is even better. Covid times require us to minimize the number of attendees.
    4. Now you will repeat this for all 3 waiver. Sorry that you have to do it 3 times. It is the only way we could figure out to get 3 separate  agreement as required to run this event. Remember that any person that comes with you is your responsibility. 
    5. If you do not agree any of the terms in these waivers, let me know and I will tell you how to remove your dog from the event. 
    6. Proceed to fill out entry details (song choice, fun fact, and fast fetch entry, camping, volunteer options).
    7. A confirmation email will be generated automatically to the email address you’ve provided at the top of the form. If you don’t receive it shortly, please check your spam.

B) Entry Fee Payment

We are asking that all competitors pay their entry fees electronically by August 12th. There are two parts to your entry fee- the entries for your NADD sanctioned events, and the entry fee for your ‘fast fetch’ events.

Log on to your NADD portal to find out what is owing for the NADD events. Www.northamericadivingdogs.com

Click on each dog that you’ve entered, then on ‘registered events’. You will be able to see what you’ve entered for the Western Cup and the total owing, like this.

Add up the NADD fees for each of your dogs. Then add in $10 for each Fast Fetch entry.

Camping fees can also be ideally paid at this time. $10 per night. Camping is available Thursday/Friday/Saturday/Sunday nights.

Payments by e-transfer are ideal. Send the entire total to erin@kinderdoggin.com If prompted for a password, please use EROMIT (this saves me a lot of time in looking back through correspondence for alternate passwords or guessing wrong on spelling or capitalization). I will Send you a confirmation email by the end of August 12th to confirm that your e-transfer was correct and received.

C) Event Details.

Site Rules- Please drive slowwwwwly through the long driveway, through our yard and past the house and kennels. Speed bumps are operational. Please do NOT stop in the house/kennel area or talk to the dogs and puppies on the way by. Likewise, there is NO foot traffic allowed in the kennel/house yard area this weekend without express invitation by Tim or Erin. I know that many want to visit our dogs but you need to wait for an escort and there is zero percent chance this will be possible during competition hours. We expect our dogs to bark when there are strangers in our immediate yard and it is very disruptive if this is ongoing due to people wandering in throughout the event. The same applies for other farm critters which are stationed beyond the fence lines- our neighbours have baby horses and cattle, we have sheep and chickens and such- if your dog is going to bark or lunge at livestock, keep a respectful distance back from the fence so as not to spook them.

DOGS ON LEASH- Dogs must be on leash at ALL TIMES except a) when they are on the to practice or compete b) are in the agility field with the gate closed for warm up or play or c) in the narrow fenced area next to the agility field for warm up or play. Dogs may not be off leash for any other reason, at any time, including camping dogs after hours.

DOG TO DOG CONTACT- not permitted with dogs outside of your personally family. That means if you own two dogs, your two dogs can share the agility field. They may not share the field or have close contact with any other dogs, even dogs they have met before. This is a firm rule to eliminate the risk of injury or incident when dogs are all jacked up and excited about the pool.

POTTY ZONES- Dogs are not permitted to potty in the agility field, the narrow fenced off leash area, or on anything man made including- fences, tires, or the dock supports. Ensure your dog has enough time to potty, on leash, along the mowed perimeter path or anywhere in the long grass. There is a $5 tax for any dog that potties in the agility field and it doubles to $10 if you do not notice your dog doing it personally (in other words, make sure your dog is empty before they go into the field, and keep your eye on them while they are in there!) Any potty tax is donated to our Smiling Blue Skies fundraiser but we really prefer this fundraiser remains at zero.

SHADE TENTS- we strongly encourage you to bring and set up a shade tent for the weekend, where you can station your lawn chair and dog crate/supplies. Watch for signage to show you where you’ll be able to erect your tent. Campers may choose to bench at their campsite. Within the pool area, we will require tents to be spaced apart to assist with social distancing. Do not plan to share a tent with people outside of your immediate family/bubble.

PARKING- for folks who aren’t camping, we’ll ask you to unload your shade tent and crates, and then park in the area usually reserved for spectators. This will allow for more shade tents on both sides of the fence while respecting spacing. Campers can park at their campsite.

COVID PRECAUTIONS- as much as we’d all like to forget the pandemic for a weekend, we must all take care throughout the event. Hand sanitizer stations are provided in the ‘on deck’ tent and at each gate entrance. Please use this to prevent touching other people’s cooties. There are hand wash stations at each outhouse and sanitizer wipes inside as well. Use these to spot clean before and after- seat, door handles and such. As always…. if you are sick, please stay home.

TIMELINE- we will be running a tight ship on the schedule this weekend. You can help us stay on time by making sure you are ready at the top of the dock waiting for the prior to dog to exit. Be efficient with your competition turn by not doing on the dock what you could do elsewhere before or after your turn. Avoid distracting the judges while they are judging or scorekeeping. If you have dogs that need to ‘get wet’ before their competition turn, plan to arrive first thing in the morning while the pool is open and limit your practice jumps to 3 per dog each morning. There is unlikely to be time between splashes for extra practice.

IF YOUR DOG HAS NEVER JUMPED HERE BEFORE OR HAS NOT JUMPED HERE IN THE LAST MONTH- you really should attend a morning practice before the competition and allow your dog to first jump from the ramp so that they know how to exit the pool but note: we have a floating ramp that means if you step or stand on it, it will sink into the water. Do not walk down onto the ramp yourself- it is meant for dog use only, but you can use one foot to push on it and lower it slightly for your dog (just hold onto the railing while doing so).

We’ll have some time for practicing on Thursday evening. Practice time is free for WCC participants. We encourage you to come to this practice especially if your dog is new to our dock!

Friday 7:30 am – ALL HANDLERS MEETING- if you are jumping in the first splash, plan to be here for this meeting. This will be the big briefing where we go over all procedures and rules. The first dog will be ready to jump promptly at 8 and the splashes will go one after the other after that point. We have more dogs than usual so will have a volunteer gate steward keeping everyone on the hustle!

Camping Set up- Tenters get priority for the ‘shady side’ along the fence. Extra available room can be used by travel trailers/rvs – please park perpendicular to the shady side fenceline, so that more units can take advantage of the shade. (If you have no idea what this means, wait to set up camp until you’ve talked to Tim or Erin). There are also many mowed spots in the field for camping set up if you’d like more space and don’t mind the sun.

Smiling Blue Skies Fundraiser- the Western Cup Challenge is also host to a large fundraiser each year. We have gathered (and are accepting more!) prizes for our ‘tennis ball raffle’- where our designated Ball Draw dog Hazel will be drawing the top raffle prizes out of our pool on Sunday afternoon. Numbered Tennis balls will be sold via donation to Smiling Blue Skies in the week leading up to the competition so if you are interested in having a chance to win amazing prizes, watch our facebook page to participate! Eromit AIRcademy and K9 Sport Gear.

I think that is it! If you have any questions not covered here, please email me erin@kinderdoggin.com

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