2021 Litters

Born February 25, 2021 – Our “French Pastry” litter

Eromit’s Twist of Hot Spice OD-SP CW-SP DS DM x Chunky River Moonshine Madness CWSP DMA AM HDM

Pepper- Eromit’s Pepper Pupperelli



Otto- Eromit’s Otto

Mason- Eromit’s Moon Fire Magic


Born March 1, 2021 – Our “Parks and Recreation” Litter

Eromit’s Boom Boom Pow DS DMA HDM x Chunky River Moonshine Madness CWSP DMA AM HDM

Crosby- Eromit’s Take a Walk East Side

Pepper- Eromit’s The Light

Pepper- Eromit’s Cool Breeze

Finn- Eromit’s Shark Finn Tastic


Jax- Eromit’s Jax

Monarch- Eromit’s Self Propelled Flower

Raven- Eromit’s Raven The Trickster

Born May 11, 2021- Our ” Mountains” Litter

Eromit’s Too Hot to Handle x Six Mile’s Canadian Twist

Rebel – Eromit’s Blazing Her Own Trail

Fitz – Eromit’s Mountain Madness

Robson- Eromit’s Soar to the Summit

Logan – Logan the Magnificent of Eromit

Ferige- Eromit’s Fergie Good

Macy – Eromit’s Chocolate Delight

Scout – Blazing Scout of Eromit

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