Summer Splash Trial Info 2022

Hello everyone!

Thanks for entering the Eromit AIRcademy Season Opener/Regional Qualifier event! We are SO excited for the first dock diving competition of the season and hope you are too! 

This may get a little long, but please review all parts of it for important information including- directions to Eromit AIRcademy, how to pre-pay for entry fees, and site rules, and the trial schedule. Also on site/off-site camping, and a few other things you might find helpful. We  also welcome questions so if you can, shoot us an email early this week. Setup for us starts on Wednesday, and we won’t be around the phone or computer beyond Thursday morning so it works best if we can help you as much as possible before then. 


We are located at 4131 Schemenaur Road. Our driveway is long and windy and you cannot see the pool from this road but watch for the street address sign (we are just next to the railway tracks). Our driveway is shared with a forestry cut block- do NOT drive straight-into the muddy/rutted forestry area. DO follow the better gravel driveway that curves to the right.

You will drive past our house, barns, and kennels to get to the pool- follow signs and please DRIVE VERY VERY SLOWLY. Late is better than speeding please. We try not to have wandering humans or animals in the yard but do occasionally have escaped creatures that we would prefer do not get squished. There are 2 sets of speed bumps so watch for those. It is helpful if you contain your dogs fully in your vehicle as you drive through our yard (ie no barking heads out of the window since that can be stressful for our critters). 

See this map – save it to your phone or print it out because MANY GPS units do not map us correctly. You can use this map to verify that you’re getting solid directions. 

Note: No visitors/stopped traffic/ humans on foot or otherwise in our yard area please. Do not stop to say hi or visit our animals on the way by. It is ideal if they are able to ignore passing vehicles. If this is your first visit to our property, you’ll see what I mean- the pool field and area is very large and roomy but you have to travel through our personal yard space by vehicle to get there.  People and dogs are not permitted to walk back through the yard area near our animals.


During these covid times, to minimize congregating people upon arrival, we suggest/prefer pre-payment of entry fees by etransfer. (WE DO NOT HAVE INTERNET OR CELL SERVICE AT THE POOL SITE- electronic payment MUST be received by July 6th (Wednesday evening) if you are paying in that manner- see details below.

If you would prefer to pay on site, you may pay with cash. Entry fees are listed in Canadian funds.

For E-TRANSFER pre-payment

STEP 1. Determine your camping fees, if you are camping at Eromit Acres. $10 per night that you will be camping is the cost. Camping is dry (no hookups, no electricity). If you are planning to camp on site, please do let us know in advance re: camper size or tenting so that we can ensure there is enough spots for all that want to camp. CAMPING IS AVAILABLE Friday, Saturday, and Sunday nights only. Check out by Monday by 10 am please if you are camping on Sunday.

***If you prefer a full service campground, we recommend Ten Mile Lake provincial park which is about a 5 minute drive from us. ****

Step 2. Check your dog(s) pre-registration fees. Do this by loggin on to – Click on your dogs- each dog’s individual name, and then hit ‘registered events’. You will see a chart that shows you exactly what you are registered in, with the total for that dog at the bottom right. (see example below). If you compete with multiple dogs, please tally these numbers together for one payment.

Step 3

Add your dog(s) registration fees and your camping fees if applicable, any lesson fees that you have scheduled, and send as an etransfer to  BY midnight WEDNESDAY July 6th. Please use the password EROMIT (if you’ve sent me an etransfer in the past, it is helpful to ensure this password is updated).


Arrive between 1 and 2:30 on Friday morning to pay by cash at the checkin desk. It is helpful if you check your dog’s pre-registration to ensure it is correct and let me know of any potential errors prior to Wednesday evening. If you missed the e-transfer deadline, you’ll have to pay by cash when you arrive.

Bring extra cash for lunch on Saturday and Sunday, shopping (Biothane collars and leashes, bumpers, and toys, and our friends from Clever Canine Boutiques will have products available as well).


All competitors will need to sign a waiver and gain a wristband prior to getting on the dock for practice or competition. ALL HELPERS who will be on the dock will also need to sign the waiver or have a parent/guardian sign on their behalf. This should be done prior to the handlers meeting that occurs before your first scheduled jump of the competition. You must wear the wristband each time you are on the dock.


The dock will be open for practice (free for competitors!!) between 12 and 1pm on Friday. If you have never been to our dock, please take this opportunity to introduce your dog to the pool. Don’t wait until the last minute- come early, there will be many dogs to get wet! PRACTICE TIME IS LIMITED TO 3 JUMPS PER DOG ON FRIDAY MORNING AND DOESN’T INCLUDE AIR RETRIEVE OR HYDRODASH.

There will be limited practice available on Saturday and Sunday mornings. It is unlikely that we will have time for non-competing dogs to be in the pool at any time during the event weekend. A hose and kiddie pool is set up for cooling any dog that needs it!

Arrival/Setup –

Those who are camping or those who would like to get shade tents set up on Friday morning may arrive no sooner than noon unless you have a lesson scheduled earlier in the day.

General site rules:

  1. Dogs must be on leash at all times except if they are on the dock/in the pool, or in the secured agility or narrow warmup field area. This rule applies 100% of the time, day or night, whether there are other dogs present or not. No free roaming dogs at any time. 
  2. Kindly pick up all poo and deposit in bins. The offleash/agility areas are NOT for pottying. Make sure your dog is already empty before warming up there! I
  3. Do not allow your dog to pee on anything man made except the very exterior fences of the property. No peeing on the dock, the pool, vehicle tires, equipment of any sort, and not along the chainlink fence that surrounds the pool or agility fields. Thank you for helping keeping our training areas smelling as nice as possible! 
  4. There are livestock (cows, horses, and sheep) that may be on the other side of the property fencelines. If your dog is like to bark or lunge at them, stay back from the fence. We have very good neighbors and try not to let our animals upset their animals. 
  5. No dog to dog contact is permitted. If you are using the agility or warmup areas, only dogs who live together may play together. Try to keep your turns there fairly short if someone else is waiting. Be mindful of the personal space of other dogs even when leashed. 
  6. We do not permit tethering of dogs at this event. If you are not holding the leash, your dog should be contained in a pen, crate, tent, etc. Dogs may not be tied to fences or chairs.
  8. Excitement is encouraged during the event and it will get loud! but when trial hours are over, we expect barking dogs to be addressed. Please do not allow frivolous barking from dogs who are camping. Please also consider keeping barking dogs away from briefings so that everyone can hear judge instructions.
  9. Have fun. This is actually the most important rule. Be nice to your dog, your volunteers, and your competitors. Everyone does this anyway, right?!

Event rules- North America Diving Dogs has specific rules laid out for the actual dock diving competitions. Competitors are expected to be familiar with the rules. You can find the rulebook here:

What to Bring

– all the usual stuff for enjoying the outdoors- bug spray, sunscreen, water for you and your dog (NOTE: Mosquitoes and biting flies are really bad right now. Be prepared!)

  • your dog on a flat buckle collar. Corrective collars, head halters, electronic collars, and harnesses are not allowed on the dock
  • A floating toy that your dog loves to fetch! Any type of toy that you can throw is permitted as long as it does not contain fur or feathers. 
  • Cash for the lunch BBQ
  • snacks
  • Your own lawn chair(s)
  • Shade (there is plenty of space to set up shade tenting near the pool)
  • A crate for your dog (or other secure means to contain them while you are not able to supervise. Parking is NOT in the shade. Dogs cannot be tethered. 
  • We will have some products for sale as well as having Clever Canine Boutique on site as a vendor with t-shirts, treats, and dog toy options,  so you may want to bring some $$ for frivolous spending! 

Now for some FUN STUFF!

FAST FETCH – we will be playing our super fun, non-sanctioned game of Fast Fetch on Friday at 1:30. Any dog can play -no NADD number required, and you can even play from the ramp! Check out the full rules for details HERE. Entry fee is $10 and can be decided/paid when you check in!

Theme Songs- we like to collect theme songs for each dog entered so that we can play them while your dog jumps during most splashes throughout the weekend. If we’ve already met your dog and you’ve submitted a theme song, no need to let us know anything unless you’d like to change your previous tune. But if it is your first time competing with us, please think of a song that you like, that your dog likes, or one that represents their personality- email me with the name of the song, and the artist, as soon as you can, so I can get it on our playlist! Alternately, join our facebook group called Dock Diving At Eromit AIRcademy and you can post your song choice on the main list there!

We have a very kind and supportive competition environment. If you have a question during the event, please find anyone who looks like they know what they are doing- and ask! If they don’t know, they will direct you to myself (Erin), Tim, or one of the judges for help! There are no silly questions- we do not want you to feel uncertain or confused about anything. 

Experienced folks: If you see a newbie looking confused or engaging in something that isn’t allowed- reach out to them helpfully, OR let Erin, Tim, or Derek know, so that we can!


The Judge’s briefing will start at 15 minutes before the first splash each day. See the full schedule on the NADD website. If you are entered in the first splash of the day, you must attend this meeting. 

Fast Fetch on Friday starts at 1:30. Arrive early enough to enter, get your self set up, and ready to play! Please plan to arrive with plenty of time to get set up, your dogs pottied/warmed up and settled in, in advance of the judge’s meeting at 1:15.

The first NADD sanctioned jump starts at 3pm. All handlers entered in that splash must attend the judges meeting at 2:50pm. Start times on Saturday/Sunday: Judge’s meeting at 8:50, first dog at 9 am.

*** Except for the first splash of the day, the other start times are approximate. We often run ahead of schedule as each splash starts quite soon after the one before it.  If you are only competing in specific splashes each day, you will want to arrive well in advance of your start time to make sure you are present for your judge’s meeting before your splash. 

Covid protocols no longer apply to outdoor events, but it’s still a thing. STAY HOME if you are not feeling well. (This also goes for your dog, though we are not worried about them having covid, we really aim not to spread contagious dog cooties at events). We provide refunds for dogs and people who miss events due to personal illness BUT YOU HAVE TO LET US KNOW THAT YOU ARE NOT COMING. Shoot an email, or leave a voicemail, if your skipping due to illness. Time stamps will let us know that you reached out before your scheduled participation even if we don’t chat directly.

The best way to contact me is by email:  Calling gets a slower response but you can always try 250-992-5253 if that is your preferred way to reach out. Please note- I don’t have phone OR internet/email access at the pool- so get me your questions by Wednesday or Thursday at the latest or I won’t be able to access them!

I also invite you to join our facebook group – Dock Diving at Eromit AIRcademy where event pictures and details are often shared (as well as frequent training tips and such between events!) 

Thanks for reading this far, I look forward to seeing you soon!


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