Fast Fetch

Fast Fetch is the game of strategy and speed designed by the Eromit and Kamloops Dock diving teams. This game is suitable for dogs of all levels including those who prefer to jump off of the ramp vs the dock. We run this game as part of our dock diving training and as an unofficial competitive event during our NADD trials. Here are the official game rules.

Official Rules for Fast Fetch:

  1. The general idea of this game is that your dog gets 3 retrieves with the goal of getting the most cumulative distance – achieving a minimum of 60 feet – in the shortest amount of time.
  2. The distance is calculated from the point in the water where the dog grabs the bumper for each retrieve. Only whole points are used and the maximum points per retrieve is capped at 35. Example 1- Dog grabs bumper at 37 feet- 35 points are awarded. Example 2. Dog grabs bumper at 25 feet 6 inches- 25 points are earned for that throw.
  3. One handler is permitted on the dock.
  4. The time starts when the first bumper thrown hits the water. The dog may be in the air at this point, but may not contact the water before the first bumper thrown lands to start the time.
  5. If the dog enters the water before the first bumper lands on the water, the run will end. You will immediately get one ‘redo’ attempt and if the same happens again, a non-qualifying score will be earned.
  6. The dog may start their Fast Fetch performance either on the ramp, or anywhere ahead of the 20 foot mark on the dock.
  7. Subsequent retrieves can start from either the ramp or anywhere on the dock.
  8. The Handler may bring more than one toy – but cannot throw the 2nd or 3rd toy until the previous one is completely out of the water. The toy does not need to be delivered to hand.
  9. The time ends when the dog crosses the 5 foot mark in the water with their 3rd retrieve.
  10. Points earned set your division; within the division, the fastest time will earn the win. For dogs with with equal times in the same division will have their tie broken by total points earned.
  11. For Senior, Master and Elite divisions there is a time cap of 60 seconds. Dogs with a time greater than 60 seconds will be scored in the junior division regardless of points earned.
  12. The Judge/Timer will announce the points earned for each retrieve so that the handler has a real-time idea of how they are scoring.
  13. If a toy is thrown accidentally outside of the pool on any of the 3 throws, you run will end and you will get one ‘redo’ chance to start over with a fresh run. Any subsequent toys leaving the pool will result in a non-qualifying score. If a handler is found to be intentionally throwing the toy outside of the pool, they will be scored as non-qualifying and will not get a ‘redo’.
  14. Dogs compete equally whether they run from the ramp or dock, or any combination of the two. This is part of the strategy aspect of the game!
  15. Cheering and happy encouragement is totally permitted and expected in this game! Do not lose your sense of caution around the dock and water edge during this excitement. Handler’s that fall in the pool will receive an immediate non qualifying score with no ‘redo’ šŸ˜‰
  16. One entry in Fast Fetch is $10 and allows you one attempt to earn a score.


Junior- 60-69 points

Senior 70-79 points and under 60 seconds time

Master 80-89 points and under 60 seconds time

Elite – 90 points or more and under 60 seconds time.

Pepper’s run: She starts on the dock (ahead of the 20′ line) and the time starts when her ball hits the water. She grabs the first ball at the 22 foot line. She comes back up on the dock for the second throw for a 27 foot grab and the last throw is a quick one from the ramp at 34. She earns a total of 84 points, and her time (which ends when she swims past the 5 foot line) is 49 seconds. So this is a Master division run.

Mezzy’s turn: Mezzy does all of her jumps from the ramp. The time starts when her bumper hits the water. Her first throw is 28 feet, 2nd one is 33 fet, and 3rd one is 24 feet for a total of 85 points. Her time is 48 seconds. So this is a Masters division run also and because her time in this division is one second faster, she would have placed ahead of Pepper in this competition.

Last year’s Western Cup Challenge Fast Fetch Results:

Here are some demo runs of Fast Fetch!

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