Inquire or Reserve

We are currently accepting inquiries for current and future litters.

Click HERE to inquire or apply for a puppy

We do not accept inquiries by phone call at this time.

If you would have questions about Labradors in general, or our dogs in specific, email Erin at However we are not able to provide any specific information about when our waiting list will re-open, or about future puppy availability at this time.

15 Comments on “Inquire or Reserve

  1. Please contact me to let me know if you have pup available.

    • Our puppy page is always kept up to date with availability. If you are interested in purchasing an Eromit puppy, please fill out the form above. Thanks! ~Erin

      • Hi erin.
        I have a Eromit dog from the rockstar litter in 2010. Tucker is healthy and still very active.
        My parents lost their lab in the fall. Looking to fill the void for them.
        I’m in no hurry, I just wanted to keep in touch.

      • Hi Ken, Sorry to hear about the passing of your parent’s dog. We haven’t made any specific plans for fall litters yet but will post them on the website once they are set.

  2. Been doing lots of reading and research and am very impressed and satisfied with you litters of puppies me and the family would love to become proud owners of one of your lab puppies

    • Hi Jacob, Please feel free to fill out our inquiry form above if you are interested in a puppy. Thanks! ~Erin

  3. Pls contact us asap if you have any blk lab puppies 🙂

    • Hi Jenney, We do have puppies available currently. Please fill out the form above if you are interested in being considered for one of them. Thanks! ~Erin

  4. Just wondering what you have available in you up coming litters, black or brown?

    • Hi Rob, We have two litter plans currently posted. Our Viper x Harvey litter will produce black and chocolate puppies. Our Jet x Pickle litter will produce Black, Chocolate and Yellow puppies. It is likely that there will be at least one litter born earlier than these two but details will depend on timing of the heat cycles of our girls so no plan is confirmed yet.

    • Hi Trista,
      You may not see a submit button if you are using the form from a mobile device. Try using a different browser or if all else fails, copy and paste the inquiry form questions and your answers into an email to erin @ kinderodoggin . com (remove spaces).

  5. Hello there,

    My family and I have been thinking to adopt a Labrador Retriever for a long time. My husband and I both work at home. We have two boys, 14 and 10. We live in one house with fenced yard in Vancouver.
    Pls feel free to give me a call or text @778 882 5209.



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