Dock Diving


The sport of Dock Diving is one of the fastest growing dog sports on the continent at the moment. Why? Because it’s so much darn fun for the dog AND the handler!

As breeders of a fanatical, water-loving breed, we’ve been dabbling in dock diving on our own for some time. We attended our first competition in 2013 and in 2015 took it up more seriously, building a regulation dock and pool here at Eromit Acres so that our dogs can practice throughout the summer and so that we can share this sport with others.



 Our pool is open for the 2017 season!  

Give It A Try Sessions: These are 3 hour intensive seminars, where a group of new dog and handler teams will join us for an introduction to the sport. We cover safety issues and warm up, ground-work exercises that you can practice at home, and provide an introduction of your dog to the pool and dock, covering the basic skills you need to get started in competition.  All handlers completing this seminar are able to come out to open dock practices to continue their skills- some dogs who complete this session may be ready to start competing!

Prerequisites: Dogs must be healthy and sound, a confident swimmer AND be excited about fetching a favorite toy. If your dog is a reluctant or new swimmer, please schedule some private swimming time prior to signing up for this.

Learn to Fly Session: A half-day, advanced intensive seminar for dogs & handlers who have completed the Give it a try session and are confidently jumping off the dock. We will work on the Five Factors that will help improve your teamwork to safely result in bigger jumps, emphasizing the specific skills that your team needs work on.

Prerequisites: “Graduation” from give it a try or previous experience training/competing in dock jumping.

Private Lessons: – if you’d like some one on one help with a dock diving problem, need assistance teaching your dog to swim and be comfortable in the water, or would just like some extra time in the pool, please contact us to set up a private lesson or pool practice.

Rates- $40 for a half hour lesson for one dog. Discounted rates for additional dogs or time are available.

Open Dock : Wednesday evenings are ‘open dock’ practice nights, come out and get some jumping and swimming practice for your furry friend. Open Dock practice is open to all dogs/handlers who have been properly introduced to the pool and dock either through our Give It a Try session, private lessons, or prior  dock-pool experience. No instruction is provided but supervision/assistance is present. Each team that shows up for open dock practice will rotate through the running order, accruing as many turns on the pool as time and interest allows. Each turn is limited to  2 minutes.  Cost is $15 for the first dog and $10 for each additional dog from the same family on the same night- or save some money by purchasing a 10- practice punch card for $105 (one punch/practice per dog).

Fun League-In 2017 we will debut our Fun League! At regular intervals throughout the season, we’ll have scored jumping. Teams will compete for glory and awards that will be distributed after the final jump offs at the end of the season. Cost to enter is $20 per league night an includes warm up time, two waves of scored jumping and (time permitting) open dock practice afterwards. Check out our dock diving schedule for details!

Pool Rentals- If your dog has been introduced to the pool, you may rent it in one hour blocks for dock diving practice or swimming fun. Rates are $60 per hour includes up to 3 dogs. Each additional dog during that hour is $10.


June 24/25th 2017- PAC Series Event

Aug 11-13th 2017 – Canadian PAC Series Championship


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Dock Diving Competition FAQ’s

  • Who can enter? — Any healthy, sound dog over 6 months of age who loves to swim and fetch! Dogs may be handled by a human 7 years of age or older (special junior handler rules apply to kids between 7 & 10 years). Only one person and one dog are allowed on the dock at a time.
  • I’ve never done this before. How do I know what to enter? — There are 3 types of competitions at X-treme AirDogs events. These are the long-jump event (called X-treme Air), where the length of your dog’s jump is measured.  Then there is the X-treme HiJump event, where your dog will be attempting to grab a bumper that is suspended above the pool- the height will be raised by 2 inches after each successful jump and the dog that reaches the highest level wins. The X-treme Retrieve event is a timed event where your dog will wait for the start buzzer to go off, then race to the end of the dock, jump and swim to grab a suspended bumper at the end of the pool, and then swim back to you as fast they can.  For most dogs, the best place to start is the X-treme Air (long jump) event. There will be training lessons and practice opportunities for those who’d like to try X-treme HiJump and X-treme Retrieve before the event so you may want to try those before entering.
  • What Division should I enter? — You do not  choose a division. Your dog’s best score will determine which other dogs they are competing against. This means that your dog is only competing against dogs of similar abilities, and makes it fair and fun for dogs of all levels! For example, in the X-treme Air event, there are 5 divisions.  You will choose how many ‘waves’ to enter (a wave consists of 2 jumps, only the best jump is scored). For titling purposes, your dog requires 5 jumps in the same division to earn a title (5 waves). To earn a spot in the finals, your dog’s best jump of the weekend in the qualifying waves will be compared to other dogs in the same division and the top percentage of dogs will jump again in the finals to determine placements for each of those 5 divisions.
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  • My dog jumps off the dock at the lake but has never been in a pool. Can I enter? — Yes! But, a pool is quite different for most dogs, because the water is clear, they can see the bottom, and they don’t necessarily understand that it’s the same thing as at the lake! So,  though it’s not required, we recommend signing up for one of the training sessions before the competition to get your dog used to the dock and pool ahead of time. If that’s not possible, plan to arrive early on competition day – dogs who are entered in at least one wave of competition are permitted to use the pool between events for practicing.
  • What do I need to bring to the event? — Your (healthy, well-groomed/nails-trimmed dog), a flat collar (no e-collars, head halters, choke chains or pinch collars allowed on the dock), a 4 foot leash. A crate and shade for your dog, water bowl, water and treats, and of course, his favorite retrieving toy! Almost any kind of toy is permitted as long as it floats,  does not contain food, and is not a live or dead animal. For yourself, come prepared for all weather (sunscreen, bugspray, change of clothes, etc) and a lawn chair.  Bring enough towels to keep you and your dog dry between events!
  • I just want to try it. Do I have to enter all of the events? —- No! Just enter in the events you are interested in, on the day of your choosing. If you can only pick one day to come, we recommend coming on Sunday because you’ll be able to run in the X-treme Air Finals if your dog’s jump qualifies- the Finals are always held Sunday afternoon.



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