Pre-Purchase Checklist

Before committing to an Eromit Lab puppy, please make sure you have read and understand the following

Contractual Obligations

Please review our Puppy Purchase Contract & Health Warranty (click the link below).

As breeders, we intentionally bring these puppies into the world with as much careful planning and love as possible. Ownership is transferred to a new buyer only if you meet our approval and agree to the conditions of this contract. The terms of the contract are not negotiable so make sure you understand and agree that they are fair before deciding an Eromit puppy is for you. We welcome questions if you require any sort of clarification.


The first few months of puppy ownership can be very busy. Ensure that you have the time, patience, and facilities to properly house and care for a rambunctious lab puppy. There may be sleepless nights as the puppy adjusts to your home and routine. Be prepared to provide constant supervision and/or a safe place for the puppy to be while unsupervised (crate, outdoor kennel, etc). You must have a securely fenced yard and someone (you, a friend, or a dog-walker) will need to be available during the day to exercise and potty the puppy. Labs are slow to mature and will remain ‘puppyish’ for up to three years or more! You will need to ensure that you have the financial ability to take care of extra ‘puppy’ expenses such as vaccinations and vet checkups, spay/neuter, puppy classes, chew toys, high quality food, training classes,  day care or dog walkers,etc as well as any emergencies that may come up. You must be sure that at the time the puppies are ready to go to their new home, you will personally be available for your puppy’s pick up as we do not ship puppies. You should not be planning any vacations for at least the first few months. Puppies who are not fully vaccinated (ie – less than 16 weeks) can NOT go to a boarding kennel and will find changes to their new routine very disruptive.


We will do our best to provide any answers or information you need prior to or after your puppy arrives at your home- we don’t know everything but have a lot of experience finding answers to questions and can almost certainly help in some way with most problems. This includes our comprehensive health warranty which you’ve read above. We can also help you find a good vet and trainer in your home town although asking for personal references from local dog-owning friends would be a great idea. By buying an Eromit puppy, you will become a part of our extended family – please be prepared to send us lots of updates!

Travel arrangements

Please let us know how/when you plan to get your puppy. They are ready to go at 8 weeks of age and NOT ONE DAY prior (we are firm on this!). Puppies need to be picked up before 9 weeks of age unless  alternate arrangements are made in advance , in which case boarding/training fees will apply – this option is not available for all litters, you need to confirm this well in advance if you absolutely cannot pick your puppy up on time.  This means that there is a one week window in order to get your puppy home. When the breeding is confirmed, we’ll be able to give you a rough estimate of a pickup week (4 months in advance) and when your puppy is born, we’ll nail this week down for you precisely- so there will be plenty of time to get arrangements made for the correct pickup week.  We do not ship puppies unaccompanied by air cargo – but if you are flying in to the Quesnel or Prince George airports, we can arrange to meet you there if needed.


PLEASE DO NOT SEND A DEPOSIT until your reservation form has been reviewed and we can confirm that there is a good possibility of a suitable puppy available in an upcoming litter. Deposits sent without prior  approval will be returned. We are selective about where our puppies are placed.  Your deposit is non-refundable once accepted, except in the case that a puppy matching your first or second choice in color/sex is not available, there are no puppies with a suitable temperament/structure for what you require, or the litter doesn’t take at all. Please confirm your preferences at the time you place your deposit. If no puppy is suitable for you, based on our assessment of drive, structure and personality, you may choose to have your deposit refunded, or move it to the next available litter. We do reserve the right to refund a deposit for any reason at any time at our discretion.

Payment Terms

Your deposit applies towards the total of the purchase price. We accept Cash, Certified Cheques, Money Orders, or Email Transfers.  PLEASE do not send a deposit until it has been requested, and please wait for a final invoice before paying the balance on any puppy purchase.  We can accept paypal but a 3% fee will be added to cover transaction fees. We can only accept personal cheques for puppy deposits and will NOT accept them for a final balance payment. No puppy will be released or ownership transferred until payment is made in full. Purchase price does  not include taxes (5% GST and 7% PST). You are not expected or required to pay the balance owing on your puppy until you pick them up (with the exception of puppies who are having an extended stay through our headstart program). All prices listed are in CANADIAN funds. US dollars (cash or cheques) accepted at par from US buyers.

Puppy Availability

We can not promise how many puppies will be born in each litter, or how many of each color and sex will be born. We take advanced reservations/deposits based on typical litter averages and prefer to ‘under plan’ slightly so that no buyers are disappointed if at all possible…. however, we can’t control nature and sometimes do end up with smaller litters or missed breedings. If you are planning to reserve a puppy from a breeding that has not yet occurred, then please note that we can not guarantee when exactly the puppies will be born or available for pick up, but will provide our best guesstimate. If getting a puppy is quite dependent on the timing of the litter, please indicate this on the reservation form – we always do our best to make sure a breeding is successful and as planned and we will keep you informed as each milestone occurs (female comes into season, is bred, ultrasound confirms pregnancy, babies are born, etc.) By submitting your reservation, you indicate that you understand as living creatures, sometimes our females delay their cycles, come into season early, or have litters that are smaller, larger, or with a different proportion of male/female/color ratios than we would have expected, and that we can not control these things. If at the time of reservation, we think that your odds of getting a puppy of the color/sex from the litter you desire is low, we will let you know so that you can make an informed decision, but please do not make a reservation if you are still puppy shopping with other breeders or are not fully ready to commit to a puppy. If a litter is born and your first choice color/gender is not available, you will have the option of changing your preference to a puppy that is available, waiting for a different litter or having your deposit refunded.

Puppy Matching

Puppy matching will not occur prior to 6 weeks of age (usually matching is complete at around 7 weeks or shortly after). We will make puppy selections based on your preferences for color, sex, and personality/training goals and the observations we have made during our 24/7 interactions with the puppies. You will not choose your own puppy. Visit this page to see how puppies are matched to their families.


Our puppies are very bright and trainable but as clever dogs designed to work, they can get into mischief if they are left without direction. We highly recommend puppy kindergarden and basic obedience classes for your puppy. These will help teach good manners and provide opportunities for socialization and enrichment, which are crucial to your puppy’s well-being, and allow you to develop a special bond with your puppy amid distractions. We take classes even with our own puppies  as experienced trainers because the benefit of working around other dogs in a new environment is beyond compare. All retriever puppies go through a phase of barking, mouthing, chewing, jumping up, etc. No puppy is born perfectly well-mannered – you must train it to behave. If you do not want to deal with these types of behaviors, you may be more suited to an older pup or adult dog, or should ask about our Puppy Headstart training program (although we do recommend that graduates of the headstart program continue their training with group lessons as they are still very much puppies upon completion). We can help you find a trainer or classes in your area if needed.  You should expect to spend time each and every day training your puppy throughout his life. This will in addition to the time you spend exercising, grooming, playing with and socializing your pup.

A Puppy Is a Life Long Commitment

You should be prepared to care for, train, exercise and love this puppy each and every single day, for better or worse, rain or shine, for at least the next 12-15 years. Please ensure that your lifestyle is suitable for such a commitment prior to reserving your puppy. Think about the long term – will you be moving? changing jobs? adding a new baby? How will these changes affect your dog ownership ability? Do not commit to a puppy unless you can confidently commit for the dog’s entire life. We understand that even with the best planning,  sometimes life brings unexpected changes…. in the unexpected event that you can’t keep your puppy (or adult dog) we have a lifetime return policy – he or she may be returned to us at any time during it’s life. As part of our Eromit purchase contract, your puppy will ALWAYS be welcome home with us. This is our pledge!

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