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 Eromit ChocolateCoveredPickle OD-P – 2015 Canadian Xtreme Air Amateur Champion


Date of Birth: August 1, 2012

Color: Dark Chocolate (Eebb) – carries yellow

Hips: OFA Good LR-214815G33M-VPI

Elbows: OFA Normal LR-EL67959M33-VPI

Shoulders: OFA Normal LR-SH292M23-VPI

Eyes: CAER Clear 2015 LR-EYE4218/22M-VPI

Heart: OFA ECHO Clear

EIC: Clear

CNM: Clear

prcd-PRA: Clear

RD/OSD: Clear

Skeletal Dysplasia 2: Clear

Degenerative Myopathy: Clear

Hereditary Nasal Parakeratosis: Clear

Dilute Free

COI: 12 Gen 4.57%

5 Generation Pedigree HERE

HEIGHT: 23 inches WEIGHT 65 lbs

Pickle is from our repeat Beretta x Chester breeding. We repeated this mating after training 2 of the puppies from the first litter through our headstart training program as we had our socks blown off by their high drive, trainability, terrific temperaments and structure and wanted to keep such a puppy for ourselves! From the repeat breeding, we kept his sister Glitzy, and Pickle was placed with a great owner who began training him for avalanche search and rescue (he passed the CARDA puppy assessment in 2013). We had the opportunity to bring Pickle back into our family at 3 years old and are extremely lucky to have him. He is a more masculine version of everything we love about Glitzy- he is a very high drive dog with an excellent off switch; has a remarkable temperament, and fabulous structure. He is a confident, adventurous dog who is happy to partake in any sort of activity. Pickle is not a big Lab, weighing in at the bottom of the standard for males, but is agile and very powerful/strong so with his big personality, he fills a room! He LOVES to swim and is not adverse to any weather- a typical hardy Labrador in every way!

Pickle has many talents- he is our go-to shed hunting dog and with his background in searching, has also been a great ‘finder of lost things’… we expect that he will take easily to nosework this winter. With a very basic intro to agility, Pickle has begun competing and has blown our socks off with his 110% effort, athleticism and adaptability. He has unlimited potential in this sport. Pickle is also one of the top dock diving competitors in the country. 2016 was a very successful season where he set a new personal best at every event he attended. To date, he has a personal best of 24’7″ in the ‘air’ (long distance) diving event, 16.541 in the xtreme retrieve (speed) event, and is one of only a handful of dogs in the country who can jump 7′ in the vertical competition. Pickle has not maxxed out yet and we are expecting even bigger scores next year, with the aim of attending the Xtreme Air Dogs world championship event in 2017.

Pickle has sired two litters for us so far. These are extremely talented, high drive puppies.  Five of the puppies have jumped into the semi-pro division before  9 months of age, and are showing their talents in agility, obedience, hunt-test training and search and rescue already.  Pickle’s puppies have the same excel-at-everything attitude and physical ability and are not for the faint of  heart.  His offspring should go to experienced lab-owners who are looking to up their game and have the best possible chance at success in their chosen venue. Pickle currently stands at stud to approved females- he would be the right choice where improvement in drive, persistence, or athleticism is needed. If you already have a high drive bitch, be prepared for rocket-fuelled puppies and have homes waiting who can handle the Pickle Power!


pickle face pickle tug pickle jump (2)  pickle jump pickle j11p5Pickle with the catch_4738

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