Off The Dock Training – Fitness and Foundation Groundwork for Dock Diving Dogs

We are excited to be offering early enrollment in our Off The Dock course! The objective of the course is to examine skills required for the sport of dock diving, and each event that makes up the sport, and break those down into smaller behaviours that we can introduce and practice away from the dock and pool. We’ll focus both on the skills needed to enjoy and compete in dock diving, and on fitness exercise that will protect your dog from injury and propel them to bigger jumps!

Your instructors for this course are Erin and Tim Lynes. Erin and Tim are dock diving facility owners at Eromit AIRcademy which currently hosts lessons, seminars and NADD sanctioned dock diving events. They have been breeders and dog sport competitors for over 20 years with their personal dogs excelling in a variety of sports ranging from agility, obedience, dog sled racing, nosework, hunt tests and they have been focusing on developing dock diving skills in their own and student dogs for the last 5 years. Both Erin and Tim have been to competitions in several different dock diving organizations and have earned titles and championships with multiple dogs. Their focus in training is on building confidence, safety, and enjoyment for each dog and handler team on their own individual journey to success in this sport!

This course requires a facebook account. Once you’ve signed up and paid for the course, you’ll be added into the class group where you’ll have access to learning materials, demos, and receive personalized feedback. So- you’ll need a facebook account, an internet connection, and ideally some way to capture video (your phone, an ipad, or a video camera). You may want to consider using a free youtube account if you don’t already have one, but can also post your videos directly into the class group if you prefer.

Things we’ll cover in the course include:

  • Ground work exercises to build confidence, drive and safety for dock diving
  • Individual skills for events including Distance, Air Retrieve, Hydro Dash, Vertical events, and Fast Fetch
  • The best ways to introduce your dog to water
  • Fitness exercises to build a stronger, safer dock diver
  • Structuring your training sessions to maximize your dog’s enjoyment of the sport both on dryland and during pool rentals/ lake time
  • How to analyze your dog’s dock diving techniques and when to know if and how you should make adjustments
  • Handler skills- throwing techniques, strategies, and more!


Do I need access to a pool to benefit from this course? – NO! While it’s always a perk to be able to build towards practice time in the pool, the goal of this course is to provide you with drills and exercises you can do away from the pool. For those that do have access to a dock at a lake or pool, we will provide some instruction on how to best make use of it, but it is expected that the bulk of this course work is intended for dryland training. It’s the perfect course if you are wanting to prep your future dock diving dog before their first pool lesson, during the off season, or for competitors who can’t get to the actual pool very often between events.

Can I take the course with more than one dog? – YES! Your course fee is for you (as one human) only, but if you own multiple dogs and want to work on skills with each of them, that is totally fine! You’ll follow the course progression with each dog individually and as long as they are dogs you personally own, there are no additionally fees for working with more than one dog during this course.

I’m not sure how much time I can devote to an online course. How much time should I expect to spend each week? You can put as much time or as little time into this course as you like. You are paying for unlimited access to all of the material, with personal coaching, so if you have lots of time and want to work vigorously through the course material, you will get lots of feedback. If you have less time to devote, or want to work more slowly, that is okay too! You have access to this course for the entire 2020 calendar year.

Will I need anything special as far as training equipment or supplies? You will need a healthy dog, a toy that they love, and some innovation! For the fitness training portions of the class, you’ll likely want to have a stash of food rewards that your dog finds enticing. Most of our exercises can be accomplished with things you have around the house, and we are happy to help dream up improvisations for drills that require a ‘set up’ of sorts. This is the beauty of the dryland training program. Of course- something to consider is that dock diving is a sport that requires a dog who loves water and swimming, so if your dog hasn’t already developed that part of the equation, you’ll at some point need access to water (a lake, gentle stream or pond will do) to practice swimming. We’ll cover basics about water introductions in this course and how to make swimming a positive experience. However, please note if your dog has an existing phobia of water, particularly if they are an older dog – dock diving is unlikely to be a good sport choice for them. You may still find that the dryland exercises and drills in this course are fun to do and worthy of your training efforts, but this is not a program for counter-conditioning an established fear of water in adult dogs.

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