Laurie Huston Agility Handling Seminar

Auditor Spots available!

Register online in advance:


Dates: July 6 and 7th

Beginner dogs 9am-12am both days

Advanced/Masters dogs:1-4 both days

Laurie’s Training Bio: 

My handling background is natural based cuing, I was accepted into the OneMind Dogs coaching program and have completed training and I am certified as an instructor with them. Over the years I have had the privilege to work with Daisy Peel, Megan Foster, Jess Martin, Kayl McCann, Ann Braue, Stacy Goudy, Lisa Frick, Teresa Kralova on handling. My focus with handling is helping people figure out the best handling for their team, I feel strongly that there is no one right way to handle something, instead there are tons of options and it is important to figure out what works best for your team.   I am passionate about helping both ends of the leash find the optimum mental state. Thanks to Chi for helping with the motivational end of that and Tweak for helping with the over arroused end of that.  With both Chi and Tweak I have worked with Sarah Stremming on optimal dog arrousal.   I have also had the privilege of working with Daisy Peel, Megan Foster, Heather Sumlin and Kathrine MacAleese on competition mental management.

Seminar Location: Eromit Acres: 4131 Schemenaur Road, Quesnel, BC V2J 6V1

**Camping is not open on site during the seminar dates- we recommend booking at Ten Mile Lake Provincial Park (less than 10 minute drive).

REGISTRATION (available online at

Beginner Dogs- Working Spot $180+GST ($189) (full)

Advanced/Master Dogs- Working Spot $180 +GST ($189) (full)

Auditors: Two Days (all sessions) $90 + GST ($94.50)

Only available for one day? Email for discounted one-day auditor rate

*****Auditors will not work a dog but can ask questions, walk courses, and are otherwise involved***

———All participants will be expected to help with height changes/course changes other than during their working dog’s turn ——

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