Eromit Acres Hobby Farm

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The most recent addition to our farm are the sheep!  In 2018 we acquired registered American Blackbelly ewes from Kitsland Acres and a future herdsire ram lamb from Big Boulder Ranch.

The American Blackbelly is known for their interesting markings, the impressive horns on the rams, and the delicate flavor of the lamb meat. They are a favored breed for stock dog training and we’ve found them to be excellent brush eaters. Blackbellies are quiet compared to other breeds of sheep- docile and friendly, but not pushy or needy. These are a hair breed that shed and do not require shearing.  They are selectively bred to be hardy and low-maintenance. 

Spring 2019: We have registered ram lambs available for reservation, ready to go at weaning at the end of June.  Also one unregistered yearling ram and a registered 2 year old ewe that will be available together or separate. All sheep are sold live and require on farm pick-up. 

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We also have two ‘pet’ sheep of wool mix breeds whose future job will be to provide wool for felted dog toys. The white ewe lamb Baambi is also well known as the official greeter to Eromit Acres as she typically has run of the yard during the day.


As part of our commitment to consume only ethically raised meats, we purchased our first breeding trio of rabbits from Excursion Acres in 2017. Our little rabbity has since expanded to the point where we are able to provide some extra meats as dog food to our Labs. Our rabbits are raised in colony housing to ensure they are able to engage socially and in natural rabitty- behaviours including digging their own burrows for nesting. Our rabbits are a mix of several breeds and have been selected for excellent mothering skills, large healthy litters, and quick growth rates. On occasion, we have breeding stock available for those looking to start their own herd. We do not breed or sell rabbits as pets nor do we sell any of the rabbit meat that is produced as we only raise enough for ourselves at this point.  

Spring 2019: 2 year old proven meat-mix buck available alone or with 2 unrelated doe kits as breeding trio. 


Our little hobby farm also includes 4 bantam hens who provide tiny but tasty farm fresh eggs for human consumption, 3 lavendar orpingtons who make big eggs (the chickens are purple, yes! but the eggs are brown) and 5 prolific laying ducks who provide all the eggs that we use in our dog feeding program.  Additionally, we raise pigeons who are an important part of our flushing dog training.

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