Dock Diving Schedule

2017 Eromit AIRcademy Pool Schedule  (see below for more details and costs)

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***note that the pool is available for rental and to schedule private or small group lessons at other times as well- email ***

More events/sessions may be added as interest allows. ALL PRACTICES RUN RAIN or SHINE except during Lightning conditions.

2017 Schedule

NEW THIS SEASON: FUN LEAGUE! Enter on site for $20. Each league night will include two waves (four measured jumps, tabulated by video scoring which will be shared the following day) or two waves of speed retrieve+ 1 hi jump entry. Any balance of daylight left over after the competition jumping will be free for practicing to entered dogs. League scores will be recorded throughout the season and a final jump off will be held in September. Prizes will be awarded. Note that League night  jumps do not count for Xtreme Air Dogs titles. You do not need to attend all league nights in order to be eligible for finals/prizes but more entries = more chances!






Aug 23rd – LEAGUE NIGHT 4 – XTREME  AIR and LURE. -6pm

Aug 30 – Open Dock 6pm

Sept 6- Open Dock 6 pm

Sept 13 LEAGUE FINALS – free for anyone who has entered at least ONE league night. (This is not open dock practice). Warmups start at 5:30 and competition at 6pm. Schedule will be Air, Xtreme Retrieve, Lure and then HiJump with awards to follow.

Sept 20 – Open Dock  6pm


GIVE IT A TRY sessions- are the perfect way to introduce your dog to the sport of dock diving. The dog MUST already be confidently swimming and have a strong desire to retrieve a toy out of the water (this is not a learn-to-swim program). No previous dock jumping experience is necessary. Dogs must be at least 6 months old and in good health. $40

LEARN TO FLY sessions- the next step in dock diving education! Once your dog is eagerly jumping off the main dock, we can start to work on improving skills such as their timing, striding and height of jumping. We’ll use various training aids to gradually improve your dog’s style and confidence for the safest and most effective jumping possible!  Pre-requisite- dog must be eagerly/enthusiastically jumping off the main dock to enter this session. Cost varies.

OPEN DOCK – Wednesday evenings (and some additional posted dates) are open dock practice nights for handlers and dogs who have been already safely introduced to the pool. It’s perfect for the beginner dog who needs more experience or for the more advanced dog who is fine-tuning their skills. Instruction is not provided but there will be supervision/assistance as needed – come with your own training plan. Practice starts at 6 pm and each dog/handler team will cycle through the lineup as many times as desired before dusk. Each turn is limited to approximately 2 minutes to keep the dogs enthusiastic and make sure everyone gets plenty of time on the dock. Cost- $15 for drop in for the first dog and $10 for each additional dog owned by the same family on the same night, or purchase a punch card for $105 which is good for 10 practices (one per dog).

Agility Open Practice– Our agility field is located next to the dock diving pool and will be available for open practice to experienced agility handler/dogs who’ve purchased a season pass for dock diving, at no additional charge. Alternately, if you want to come out for agility only, drop in during the Open Dock times listed above for the same cost.

X-treme Air Dogs Competition– see above for competition dates. Prior experience with dock diving is not required to enter,  but always helps! Note that dogs compete only against dogs who jump a similar distance and placements are awarded in each division. Complete rules can be found on the X-treme Air Dogs website.  Registration and specifics will be available here closer to the competition date.



  1. Dogs entering the pool need to have appropriately trimmed nails for their own safety, and for the protection of the dock and pool.  Please also ensure your dog is not shedding profusely to prevent clogging filters with dog hair.
  2. Forcing your dog into the pool is prohibited. Dogs must willingly enter the pool on their own. No pushing allowed!
  3. No food treats in the pool.
  4. Dogs must be kept on leash except when on the dock and in the pool. Safety is our top priority- many dogs who compete in dock diving are not dog friendly!!! Dog to dog contact is not permitted in the pool area. This is a high adrenaline sport so at least 2 leash lengths away from any other dogs is advised for safety. Please also keep your dog away from the pool while observing so as not to be a disruption to the working dog.
  5. Please prevent your dog from marking on the pool or on any part of the dock. Pottying in the agility field is also prohibited.


What To Bring:

  • a crate for your dog for between turns, shade if required depending on weather.
  • a bowl and water for your pooch (keep that athlete hydrated!)
  • your dogs favorite floating toy- no real animals (dead or alive)- and  nothing that will break down in the pool  (food dispensing toys aren’t suitable)
  • a standard leash no more than 4-6 feet long (no flexi leashes) and a flat buckle collar. Ecollars, prong collars, and head halters are not allowed on the dock or in the pool.
  • A change of clothes (at the very least your dog will shake on you) and either a change of shoes or water resistent foot wear.
  • Dock diving season pass card or session/drop in fees in cash.
  • Lawn chair


Directions to Eromit Acres-

PLEASE NOTE – the pool and dock are located on private property. Please drive SLOWLY when you enter the drive and be watchful for pets and people. Proceed THROUGH the yard to the field where the pool is located. Please don’t let your dog out of the vehicle until you’ve parked near the pool. On your first visit, we’ll be happy to show you where to park, where you can warm up your dog, allowable areas to potty, and so on.

Directions To Eromit Acres Schem.png




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