The Western Cup Challenge

Our biggest event of the year! THE most exciting dock diving event in Western Canada is coming up August 7-9, 2020


  • The Western Cup Challenge multi-event cumulative scoring competition, including NADD sanctioned Distance, Hydro Dash and Air Retrieve events
  • Goody bags with complimentary samples and items from our sponsors
  • Non-sanctioned “Fast Fetch” competition
  • 50/50 Catch It Tournament
  • Saturday evening educational seminar (topic tbd)
  • Saturday and Sunday BBQ lunches available to purchase
  • Saturday Evening Potluck Dinner
  • Fun Finals for Distance on Sunday afternoon
  • Smiling Blue Skies Cancer Fund raffle & fundraiser Saturday/Sunday
  • Rogue Rally random drawings for Origin supplements
  • Dry camping is available on site for $10 per night!

*** Spectators are welcome- bring a camera to capture the action and some cash to get raffle tickets and lunch! Spectators are encouraged to bring their own lawn chair (though some seating is available) and please leave non-competing dogs at home. The parking area is not shaded. ****

The Western Cup Challenge is a unique event that combines sanctioned NADD dock diving with our non-sanctioned Fast Fetch strategy event. Dogs competing in all of the WCC events earn points towards the Cup- points are calculated based on their placement in their own division. Dogs who were successful in each event will earn a minimum of 1 point per event, and more depending on how their placement and how many dogs were in their division. Therefore, you don’t need to have the biggest jumping or fastest dog overall to be competitive- just be competitive within your division in each event to score well!

Vino is the original 2018 Western Cup Champion!

In order to accumulate points for the WCC, teams will need to enter the following events:

Hydro Dashofficial NADD rules and divisions are in play. We will offer 2 rounds Hydro Dash- each round will count towards NADD titles and your BEST score (whether you enter one or both rounds) will count towards your overall WCC points).

Fast Fetch– our trademark game of strategy (complete rules HERE)

Air Retrieveofficial NADD rules

Distanceofficial NADD rules– WCC points will be calculated from the Bubble report posted after the final Distance splash on Sunday afternoon- you must enter at least 3 distance splashes over the weekend to make the bubble. Note that the top 6 dogs in each division will also compete in our fun Finals on Sunday (there are placement rosettes and prizes, but the finals are not included in WCC point calculations).

TIE BREAKERS: In the event that there are two or more dogs tied with the exact number of Western Cup Challenge points, the Tie Breaker standings are as follows: a) the Dog with the most WCC points earned in the Distance category will be the winner. If at tie still exists- b) WCC points earned in HydroDash – the final tie breaker c) WCC points earned in Fast Fetch


Registration: Please Pre-register online for the actual NADD events (Distance, HydroDash and Air Retrieve) HERE. Sign up on site on Friday for Fast Fetch. Watch our Facebook Page for most recent updates.

PRIZES! We offer great prizes for the overall Western Cup Champion and for individual event winners! More details will be released soon- sponsors are always welcome!

All qualifying jumps in NADD sanctioned events (Distance and Air Retrieve) are awarded a blue ‘Q’ strip ribbon. Placements ribbons are also awarded for each division for each splash of Distance diving. Any titles earned in Distance or Air Retrieve will receive the appropriately sized Rosette.

Teams who earn a personal best in any event over the course of the weekend will be awarded ‘Personal Best’ cookies. There will be additional awards for any teams that break a pool record in any event.

*** Additional prizes and awards may be added to this list as our sponsor list grows! Please contact me at if you would be interested in sponsoring any specific awards for the Western Cup Challenge! ***

WCC Schedule:

Friday, August 7th:

10 am – site opens for tent set up/camping.

11-1 open dock practice (hydrodash and air retrieve practice available as well as distance and fast fetch) -free for registered competitors. Ask for assistance with specialty event practice at the registration desk.

11 am Check in and Registration

2pm: Distance Splash 1

3:30 – Distance Splash 2

4:30 – Fast Fetch 1

6 pm Air Retrieve

Saturday August 8th ** note that the start time of the first splash each day is SET- but the subsequent splashes may get moved up and times for splash are approximate. Plan to arrive well in advance of your scheduled start time to avoid disappointment).

9 am – Distance Splash 3

10:30 – Distance Splash 4

12:00 – Hydro Dash 1

1:30 Distance Splash 5

3:00 Catch It Tournament

5:30 pm- Potluck Dinner

7 pm – FREE educational seminar (open to anyone who is interested) with social to follow.

Sunday, August 9th

9 am: Distance Splash 6

10:30 – Distance Splash 7

12:00 Hydrodash 2

1:30 Fast Fetch 2

*** Distance Finals will begin asap after the conclusion of Fast Fetch **

Awards Ceremony to Follow Distance Finals.

Sample Scoring for Western Cup Challenge Points:

Ember – HydroDash-1st out of 6 in the senior division to earn 6 points; Fast Fetch 8th out of 8 to earn 1 point- AR- finished 3rd out of 9 in the senior to earn 7 points. finished 4 out of 10 dogs in the master division Distance (7 points) = 21 points total

Kimber- 3rd out of 6 in senior to earn 4 points in HydroDash; Fast Fetch 3 out of 8 in the senior to earn 6 points, AR finished 3rd out of 3 in the junior division to earn 1 point; finished 4 out of 14 dogs in the senior division of Distance (10 points) = 21 points

Vino- – HydroDash- 1st out of 9 in the Master division to earn 9 points; 2nd out of 7 in the Elite division of Fast Fetch to earn 6 points, AR- finished 5 out of 9 in senior to earn 5 points; finished 6 out 8 dogs in the elite division of Distance (3 points). = 23 points

In this example, Vino would win with the most overall WCC points. Kimber and Ember tie for overall points, but Kimber earned more in Distance, which is the first tiebreaker, so she ends up 2nd and Ember 3rd.

Here is a demo of HydroDash!

Thank you to our generous Sponsors!!

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